Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dream: Sanitized for your Protection

A troubled reader named Melissa has cried out for help. She keeps having the same dream and thinks that maybe I will be able to be of assistance.

Well, as you know I am quite modest, and don’t like to toot my own horn (except while driving amongst snowbirds) but I am actually quite adroit at dream interpretation. So I’ll be happy to give it a go.

Our dreamer is surfing an ocean wave in a yellow wetsuit when she sees Hugh Jackman paddling toward her in a kayak. She frantically tries to swim away, but the sideburned dreamboat paddles swiftly, drawing ever closer. Suddenly, he reaches out to grab her foot. As Hugh’s wolverine claw closes around her vulnerable ankle, a giant squid shoots a rubbery tentacle around Hugh and his little kayak, sucking him underwater in a cloud of black ink.

Well, this is an easy one.

Surfing in the ocean represents surfing the internet. The fact that you are wearing a yellow wetsuit represents your desire to protect yourself from the undesirable influences found in the world wide web. This speaks so admirably of your good character Melissa!

You are wearing yellow because you know you look fabulous in it, and you are extremely vain.

Hugh Jackman represents animals with rabies. This dream is a warning. Your computer keyboard is harboring a rabies virus. When is the last time you sanitized it? If you swab between the keys and look at a sample under a microscope you will probably puke.

The giant squid squirting black ink represents the stream of sanitizing disinfectant that you will need if you are to escape the rabies germs swarming your keyboard.

As I see it you have two choices:

1. Disinfect that filthy keyboard


2. Keep gambling and with rabies and continue to dream about Hugh Jackman

The choice is up to you.


R A C H A E L said...

Hmmm. Rabies or Hugh Jackman dreams...

thats a toughie....

Laurie Elizabeth Milliron said...

I pick #2 no question! I would probably survive rabies--wouldn't I? Oh well it doesn't matter, I still pick #2!!!

Anonymous said...

of course you'll survive rabies! small price to pay for dreaming of hugh.

Anonymous said...

(via my phone, your posts have been keeping me and my college class occupied/entertained while we wait for our late professor to arrive. you ARE popular!)

Anonymous said...

i can almost promise this will be my last comment.

rachael jill- please invite me to your blog.

Sam and Melissa said...

I would have to vote #2 as well. More dreams will be sent your way.