Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Day of School at My House

For the first time in 25 years, this is my back to school picture.

In the first years, gap-toothed kids beamed with excitement, and for the last few years, grudging teenagers have paused and given a "c'mon Mom, hurry up" smile at the front door.  But this year, no one was rushing off wearing carefully chosen first day of school clothes.

I remember crying when I sent off our first daughter to kindergarten at Show Low Elementary.  Little did I know that it was just the beginning of all the letting go I would have to do.  No one properly warns you of these things when you are a new mom.  There should be a cautionary tattoo on your sweet new baby that says:

This child will grow up if you are lucky, 
and then will leave you if you are lucky,
and still, you will probably cry about it

There are some things I definitely will not miss about having children in school: 
  • the hassle of packing nutritious lunches with sandwiches carved into swans nestled in tissue paper and baby carrots wearing little hats made of olives - along with inspirational quotes hand lettered on papyrus
  • Daily coordination and encouraging communication with teachers to make sure that my child is getting the best education possible
  • Constructing homemade backpacks out of environmentally friendly handwoven linen
  •  Latin lessons around the kitchen table
(Okay, so I never did any of that, 
except maybe the occasional olive hat on a baby carrot)
Today, I am feeling lucky but not sad
Because the last one is still here until 
she's off to college in September.