Monday, June 11, 2012

Calee4kneeah: Day One

Day One

Sentinel Rest Stop - Interstate 8 to San Diego, CA


- Totally awed by the gossamer like toilet paper woven by civil service faeries (USDA Rest Stop Faerie Union 1320) out of recycled nonlethal spider webs

Territorial Prison Museum, Yuma AZ

- Sadly disappointed to find that Great Great Grandfather, William Jordan Flake
is no longer prominently featured with his own section in glass fronted cabinets of museum.  Has been relegated to brief mention in video.  Wm. J. was an invited guest for six months in 1883 after being convicted of unlawful cohabitation (polygamy) because he refused to abandon one of his two wives.  Organized fellow prisoners into cohesive working groups and demanded and received better food and treatment from guards while serving his time.

 (Dark Cell formerly sponsored by Voldemort)
See how dark the dark cell is?


Pondside said...

Well, Laraine, you take the most interesting vacations.
If you give me advance notice, I'll arrange a little prison visiting up here too!
Seriously, though, what a great history lesson for your kids.
If I ever travel on Interstate 8 I'll bring a package of toilet paper with me!

Sue said...


You make travel fun.


just call me jo said...

Oh, Larainy. You are priceless. Only you would appreciate the magical and delicate creation of the toilet paper at the rest stop. I figured one of your relatives would be featured in prominence at some historical museum. Not necessarily that one. Forge on, little traveler.

jen said...

What is with the black picture of Mark?

karen said...

So THAT's where they get that toilet paper!

MTeacress said...

I sounded out the title of this only took me 2-3 seconds to figure it out. This is a good day. ;)

Connie said...

Well it looks like quite a great start to an adventursome vacation. You have piqued my interest and can't wait to see what else you discover along your way.

Waiting patiently,

RoeH said...

I was there in August one day a couple of years ago and I gotta say - I don't know how they stood it because Yuma was about 600 degrees hotter than Phoenix. And those solitary cells? I can't even imagine.