Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Calee4kneeah: Day Two

Day Two

World Famous San Diego Zoo

Don't be surprised to discover that some of the antelopes are highly evolved.  You may be approached by a leggy buckskin-clad pronghorn asking you for spare change

The aviary is spectacular until 
a) an insolent bird swoops by and poops on your shoulder 
b) you look in a cute little food receptacle
and find a pile of neonatal mouse appetizers

I found both the  Dik Dik and the Meerkat to be extremely vain animals, preening for hours, posing from side to side, fluttering eyelashes and letting the breeze ruffle invitingly through their fur.  Shameless, utterly shameless.  They have obviously been in California far too long.

Extremely dangerous large birds of prey abound, but, given a combination of love, firm handling and neonatal mouse snacks, they can be tamed

 As can the king of beasts, except he needs bigger snacks.

Coronado Island

And then we built a sand castle!

Okay, so we didn't build it.
 We didn't stay here either, 
but if you act like you belong,
you can hang out on the Del's superior beach

P.S.  Stay away from the kettlecorn at the zoo 
or you will crave it fortnightly


Sue said...

You guys are having so much fun! And boy, do you ever have a way with animals...


Pondside said...

Mmmm - you are affirming all the California myths/lore.....everything is more evolved, more beautiful in California.
You didn't stay at that gorgeous hotel? Tell me you didn't stay in a Motel 6!

Holly said...

Just caught up on day one and two. I'm wondering why I wasn't invited, I have so many fetal mice that I have no idea what to do with them all. Oh well, your loss. Have fun!!

karen said...

Ahhhh... I love San Diego. I've never stayed at the Hotel Del either, but I've always wanted to. Isn't it beautiful? Haven't been to the zoo for years - perhaps a trip is in order next time the little ones come for a visit. AND a stay at Hotel Del.

just call me jo said...

Are you sure "fornightly" is a word? I think you might have had too much kettle corn already. I can see those pre-birth mice have freaked you out. Enjoy the animals. CA is full of 'em.

Connie said...

Wow, I was thinking your family had some real skills to sculpt that sandcastle. I shouldn't have read on and ruined my high image of your families talents. (I'll bet they could build an even better one but I am sure they didn't want to show off.)

Ewwwww!!! Neonatal mice, I think I just threw up a little. Yuck!

RoeH said...

Next time you go I want a spot in the trunk. :)

Anna M said...

fetal mice. oy vey.

best beach in the country!

MTeacress said...

I never stayed there either, but I walked through it, ate at the restaurant, and collected plenty of shells from that beach. :)