Friday, November 13, 2009

A body part apart

Tribute to a Family Member

By Laraine F. Eddington

The fact that it rhymes
quite precisely with "dumb"
does not excuse
disrespect of the thumb.

A lonely fellow
he dwells apart
among digit kin.
(It must break his heart!)

He turns his back.
How it disappoints
to be the only one
short a joint.

But fingers, unaided
are quite maladroit
and poor thumb
unabashedly exploit.

Each fingerly move
demands the brain
send help from thumb
to aid and retain.

Oh thumb, neglected
since I sucked thee dry
in those tender years.
(Comfort did supply.)

But now thou art
encased in a cast
rendered useless
by fiberglass.

I promise I
will love thee better
when thou art free,
released of fetter.

My indisposable

1 comment:

Kaija Thompson said...

Don't know what ya got till it's gone.