Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Prephotoshop America.

I have a horrified fascination with the blog called sexy people (which ordinarily would not even make it past my super industrial-strength internet garbage filter).  They are posted by people with great self confidence. 

I would like to share some nuggets from this goldmine, along with my own intuitive captions.

(left to right: Puff, Thor and Nancy)

"Guess who is in charge at our house?"



"Cub Scouts...

                 made me the man I am today."

"We could have gone to prom naked 
and no one would have noticed."

"So sad I didn't make it into 
"Lord of the Rings."

"Our parents should be severely punished."




"...and this class, is what is wrong with Communism."

"I am the guy who calls you during dinner selling carpet cleaning."


"You should have seen me before Rogaine."

"Darling, doesn't my helmet look natural?"

"Leonard Jr., it is time for you to move out of the basement and 
get a job."

"I wear a cross to protect me from myself."


momamia said...

You are in a fine fittle, I am still laughing

Anne said...

I'm dying over the captions. Love that site!

Emily Widdison said...

2nd to last one made me really laugh hard.

Rachael Jill said...

My parents should be punished...

Who doesn't like a blazer and a pair hot shorts? I mean, really?

Brooke said...

I had to show this too Cody...I love your descriptions! Too funny!

Laurie said...

I am with Emily, the one with the creepy son in background made me bust out laughing. I will have to show it to Shane;) I am glad to have things calm down enough to get back on line and laugh at your blog.

Sam and Melissa said...

You had SAm and I rolling. The creepy son is definitely the best. When I have kids I am going to try to make sure all our family photos are like that one.

Dennis Sylvester Hurd said...

Nice how stuff lives on. The cub scout will be 53 this summer. I ought to know, it's me.