Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Plate is About You

If you have a car registered in Arizona
you can pay $25.00 extra each year
for a vanity license plate.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination
or the imagination of someone else who is not a procrastinator like you are.

Larainy's crack research team has done some research in case you are

a.  vain
b.  live in Arizona 
c.  have $25 burning a hole in your pocket because gas prices have plummeted to $3.41 per gallon.

HUMBLE and PROUD are not available
 IAMVAIN and URVAIN are available

GROOVY, COOLMAN and FAROUT are not available
GRODY is available

STUPID and STOOPID are not available
STUEPID and IMDUMB are available

POOPEE, POOP, POOPY and PEEPEE are not available
POOPPEE is available

CUTIE, CUTEY,  and CUTEE are not available
COOTIES is available

BRILYNT is not available
BRYLYNT is available

IMMEAN and URNICE are not available
IMNICE and URMEAN are available

CAUTION and DANGER are not available
SAFDRVR is available

ASLEEP, AWAKE and TIRED are not available
NODOZE is available

LAZYBUM is not available
BUMLAZY is available

LARAINY is available
but the only person who wants it is too cheap to spring for it.

Now get out there and create people.  
I need something to read while I'm tailgating you.


Rachael said...

Too funny!
Is I8A4RE available for all those crazy/ fast drivers with super expensive cars?? Haha!

Christine Jain said...

Your blog posts just make my day. I love it. Miss you!

Holly said...

How mad would you be if I bought Larainy? Although POOPPEE is quite tempting.

Dixie Mom said...

Too bad pooppee larainy is too big. THAT would be awesome.

Melynda said...

How about "LQQKOUT" That could be on the car of a bad driver as a warning.

Sue said...

Could we all chip in on the Larainy?


jen said...

Are you insulting those of us with such plates? I didn't think so. Next time you're behind my suburban, you'll understand.

The Bipolar Diva said...

those are great!
We have personalized plates on our cars, but it's for business. still lame

Pondside said...

I'm to cheap to do it - and would rather just blend into the traffic, in any case. If, however, a collection is being taken up to buy you your very own plates, I'll gladly contribute!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Hmmm...I'm still trying to think up something witty. Not working. The best I can do this early in the morning is: PUNLOVR. True, but not funny. *sigh* You've got a lock on it!

Anna M said...

I'm with Sue.

I pledge $1.50 to the Larainy plate cause

just call me jo said...

You are so clever. I love seeing the vanity plates and trying to figure out what they are supposed to say. I'm not very good sometimes and have been known to almost cause wrecks reading them. But don't tell any one. Love your humor. Sorry, I'm not springing for $1.50 for Larainy's plate. I'm cheap and stingy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Holly....I want the POOPPEE plate! Even tho I don't live in AZ.

I'm pretty amazed that you did the research for this post. Must have been a quiet day at your place!

NICE to meet you and it appears that you and Holly/Jo/Sheryl are my kinda gals. a 'good' way.

Thanks for coming by to see me, too!


Brooke said...

Soooo funny!!!

Michelle Teacress said...

Hey, I always wished I had one of those, but I couldn't think of anything cleaver enough, and I definitely wouldn't want SAFDRVR even though I am. ;)

Marti said...

Well, since those plates indicate a driver with disposable income and suggest to thieves that there might be other goodies inside the car owned by such spendthrifts, I'm sure you (like me) don't have a personalized plate JUST to prevent vandalism. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

karen said...

I've always been too cheap to do it too. Although if I did it would read L8 AGN... a sad commentary on my life and habits.