Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Come On Baby Light My Kindle

I spend a lot of time glued to my kindle and I'm always looking for a cheap book.  After all, if I got a classic like "Pride and Prejudice" for free, why should I pay 14 bucks for something by Nicholas Sparks, who can't write his way out of a soggy Victoria's Secret bag.

But... even Larainy's cheap nature has its limits.  I refuse to download the following titles, even if they are as free as 14 day old powdered sugar donuts at the dollar store.

Bunions: A Comprehensive History in Three Volumes
by Frank Corn

War and Peas: Vegetarian Activism
by Emmitt Badger

Deportment for Young Ladies
by Lindsay Lohan

The Secret Life of Beezus
by Ramona Quimby

The Cellulite Cookbook: 600 Recipes Featuring Cottage Cheese

So You Think You Can Dance...But You Can't
By the N.A.A.C.P

The Big Book of Bedbugs: Read, Squirm, Squash & Burn

Going the Distance: My Life During Third Grade
By Justin Bieber 


just call me jo said...

That is so wise!!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Ha! Thanks for that ugly foot right off the bat, Larainy, lol. Actually, I bet that the Beverly Cleary book is really good; I love her books, they remind you what it was like to be a kid.

Have a great day,

Kathy M.

Connie said...

I guess I haven't looked hard enough to find such good deals on my Kindle, I must be spending too much time grazing though Pinterest. LOL!
Yuck, is that what bedbugs look like? Today I feel so enlightened, thanks Larainy!

laughingmom said...

You have an incredible knack for finding the free books that I must lack! Share your secrets, please!

Holly said...

Don't knock the bedbug book until you've read it. Hard to put down!

Sue said...

You are indeed the soul of discretion.


Sarah said...

Hahaha the Justin Bieber one! Still chuckling!

karen said...

Yeeeaahhh... I think I'd avoid those titles as well. I'll read just about anything else though! Those bunions were particularly nasty. When I worked in retail I saw girls with some real doozies from wearing pointy toe stilettos all day. Feet shaped like pointy toe shoes... can you say PAINFUL?

Rebecca said...

Just wanted to say, 'thank you for blessing my morning.' :) Got a chance to catch on your last posts this month and they made me giddy!Especially the Marching Band Cowbell story-lol!

ME said...

Too funny!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

How'd I miss this one? I agree with you about everything! (as usual)