Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Across the Fruited Plain

What red blooded American family doesn't plan on hunting crawdads during the month of July. 

 What a disappointment to find out it was a crayfish protected area.
(Don't ask me what is under my shirt)

Someone noticed this advice
a little too late

  Always ask Japanese tourists to take your picture.
They will scoff at your camera, but take a nice photo.
 I'm still a little bruised from my trip over Shoshone Falls on an inner tube, but what a ride baby, what a ride!


karen said...

Where the heck are you??? It all looks fun but don't let those little crawdads pinch you under your shirt! My brother used to suck their heads when he was a student at Tulane. Med students... nothing grosses them out.

just call me jo said...

Were the crawdads in Twin Falls? I didn't know. Yeah, what the heck is under your shirt. Aren't you missing a daughter at Shoshone Falls? Did she fall over and never surface? That dog cliff sign with the lost dog poster is priceless. You should send it to Leno or something. (Glad your family don't think I'm too crazy. Yes, I'd like to scoop up SIL and seal him in a plastic bag, and...oops! I'll quit now.)

Grammy Goodwill said...

I am loving all these vacation posts. Since I'm a new follower, I don't know if you're always this funny or only when you're out of town.

Chinatours said...

Are you in Japan or somewhere else out of your living hometown? Anyway, you are enjoying a nice holiday, I like to share your happiness on the road. Wish you a good trip next time! Greetings from China.

Pondside said...

I was concerned that there might be a crawdad under your shirt. I didn't know they could travel like that and I was going to make a note of it in case I might ever be in a crawdad habitat.
Handsome family!

Su said...

Hey! I don't see any fruit!

jen said...

Do you have ANY idea what sacred ground you were standing upon? Did you know I grew up a mere two miles from that sacred spot? What on earth were you doing in Twin (as only the natives can accurately call it)?
Now I miss home.

Marti said...

What ARE you hiding under your shirt? Smuggled crawdads? Bait? Your fingers are stuck in a Chinese handcuff?

Looks like you had fun there. I'm ready to go on another vacation now.

Michelle Teacress said...

Pretty neat looking falls. I'm feeling sorry for the folks that lost their dog though. Poor thing.