Monday, July 18, 2011

Where in the World is La la larainy

There is nothing like a road trip to bring the family together

Oh, alright, now you just simmer down. 
Because you are jumping up and down and begging with that 
 woebegone lost puppy look in your eyes, 
the look I can't resist, 
I am going to bring you along for glimpses of the best vacation ever.

The children are spellbound during lengthy retelling of stories from my childhood about the time I almost died choking on a hotdog and where I got each of my scars

Designer sunglasses are available at fine gas stations throughout our route
We watch an act of kindness as man buys a sandwich and drink for a homeless stranger

By sheer luck and the forces of karma/serendipity doo, 
we are forced to slow down our hurry scurry toward our destination and breathe the desert air, 
look at lizards, 
and do kegels because there are no bushes for 40 miles.

 And that same forced slowdown causes a unexpected happy reunion
with my brother and his family at the crossroads of the west... be continued


Connie said...

I am on the edge of my seat waiting for more outrageous adventures.

Really? Do kegles really help between bathroom stops? You may be on to something...hmmmmm!

Holly said...

It's 1:05 a.m. and I am up reading your blog. I am your most loyal fan, I'm sure. I love that you're taking me on a virtual vacation! Are we there yet? Your kids are touching me.

Chinatours said...

Who takes the first photo? they sleep soundly. I believe you must have a nice trip this way. Greetings from China

just call me jo said...

Holly tries to be your biggest fan, but we all know it's I. (That is grammatically correct, honest.) You have the best vacations. Give me more, please. Of course, a Maverick station is crossroads of the west. (And haven't you ever peed on the roadside behind a bush? I prefer it to public restrooms. Hide your face, not your rear. No one will ever see your bum again, but they'll recognize your face. A G'ma Goldieism.)

Grammy Goodwill said...

Great post. I love that man for buying something for the homeless man. Such a simple thing for one person yet a huge gift for the other.

Melynda said...

Holly and Jo can step aside and make room, because you see, I have had that same vacation sans the kind gesture. So I echo the question, "are we there yet?".

Emma Karen said...

I still feel like that's not really joey with his perm.... Oh, Joey. We all (as in all the obnoxious almost-college kids who always invade your house) miss you guys!

Sue said...

Yours are the only travelogs I laugh out loud at.


Michelle Teacress said...

HAHAHA! No bushes! I'm still laughing.