Monday, April 9, 2012

How Pinterest Almost Killed My Dog

Lured by a luscious recipe for Rosemary Olive Oil Bread 
from the bounteous plenitude of deliciousness 
that gluts Pinterest all the live long day, 
I measured and mixed and created a dough blob 
with fresh rosemary snipped from the garden.  

I put it out to rise on in the warm sun on top of my outdoor grill.
where the yeasty fragrance got the better of my greedy ol' Nixon.
 The first 24 hours were fine,
he frolicked
 like he didn't have a 3 lb. rosemary dough blob
dragging his belly to the ground.

I made another dough blob
and it turned out like this.
 It didn't hurt our bellies at all
although they also may have been dragging
a little closer to the ground.

But then,
the fruits of his theft
bloomed into
something very pinteresting
in Nixon's belly.
He put the woe in woebegone for about three hours.
I thought maybe it might develop into

But he survived
and says he'd do it again in a heartbeat



SherilinR said...

it's amazing the things dogs can consume without lasting damage to them. i have a friend whose dog passed an entire cob of corn whole. that could not have felt good going through the intestines!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

The idea of eating a dough blob would've given me pause, but Nixon is made of sterner stuff, I guess. I love the touch of humor and the happy ending. ;)

Pondside said...

Nixon bears an interesting resemblance to our old Basset Hound, Cuddles. Cuddles once ate an entire giant Toblerone Chocolate of those that is more often seen on display than actually purchased.
The result of the indulgence was two carpets put out for the garbage. NO ONE was going to be asked to clean them beyond hosing them off out of sympathy for the garbage men.
Cuddles survived to scrounge again. That dog should have been written up in Ripley's. Nixon should, perhaps, be entered too.

Sue said...

Poor doggie.

Glad his dog dough glob days are over.


esbboston said...

My dog Cooper is a very finicky eater. He prefers turkey and American cheese, those two half/half with dry dog food. But his favorite thing is usuaLLy whatever I'm eating, and I think I pretty much hand fed him the first two years he moved in. But the first thing he ever stole was my son's entire pizza minus one slice, and after he moved in with us at six months he ate every colored sock that my wife left on the floor.

R A C H A E L said...

Good Ol' Niggin survives to scavenge another day.

(do you remember Zoey used to say his name like that?)

just call me jo said...

Oh, Nixon! You could have 'spolded in a mass of yeasty dough. What were you thinking, boy? Did it come out as biscuits? hahaha I jest, but I'm sure it hurt. Sorry, Nixon. Next time wait til it's cooked?

Connie said...

Oh how uncomfortable he must have been after his delightful find was consumed. I'll bet he brings a whole new meaning to the gas that yeast povides.

Holly said...

What happens to our pets this time of year???!!! Bunnies and grackles and dough, OH MY!

joanne fox said...

Oh Nixon - no, no no! If you're going to steal food, go for something cooked!

karen said...

Poor poor greedy Nixon. But you just know he hasn't learned his lesson. I once had a dog that, given the chance, would break into the house and eat a whole loaf of bread from the kitchen counter. And we were always finding random things in his poop, like blue balloons. Best dog I ever had, though.

MTeacress said...

One would think our doggies would have more sense. But mine is just as smart as yours. ;)

momto8 said...

oh dear!! one time our dog ate all the chocolate bunnies while we were at Mass....