Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sign Me Up

I wonder if the Pig Family is ever going
to tell their highway that he is adopted?

This sign used to be outside my hometown of Snowflake, Arizona


Cherie said...

LOL! You know you always see these signs but this is one of the funnier ones :-D

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Dear Larainy,

You make me laugh. Out loud. Thank you!

I wonder how hard it would be for the highway to trace down it's birth parents?


Brooke said...

That sounds like a rough gang consisting of farm-kids. Funny!

PS Thank you for your comments on my blog, they always make me laugh!!!

Sue said...

I certainly hope so. The earlier they let him know, the better.

It's always harder to find these things out once you're a little farther down the road...


Anonymous said...

That sign has been gone for at least 15 years. I wondered how you had such frequent funny observations. Now I know you have been storing them and planning for this blog your whole life. This knowledge even makes you more of a funny genuis in my book