Monday, November 1, 2010

Your Vote Always Haunts You

 The only thing scarier than my doorway last night

is this sobering knowledge.

  Wednesday morning,

when you
  answer your telephone
open your mailbox 
and watch TV 

no one

will be needling/lying/wheedling for your vote.

And the only thing scarier than that
will be
finding out what we have all created.


maybe there are a few other scary things to worry about


Allyson & Jere said...

Ok, that last family picture was too bizarre NOT to comment on. Seriously? That's just WIERD!

Unknown said...

Let's only show the older sons' heads. OY!

Your front porch was VERY spooky. I've got goosebumps. Where is the picture of YOU dressed up?

Susan Anderson said...

I'm already a little bit haunted by my vote...second guessing myself before the ink has even dried on my mail-in ballot!

Hard decisions these days, with nobody you can really get excited about.


PS. That photo is classic.

Sarah said...

Oh the horror! Thanks for the laugh to start my Monday. :)

Jen West said...

I always vote. I will vote on Tuesday. I love going to the polls. I do not love the choices this go-round.

Ryan said...

Love your porch, there's a family on our street that go over the top at Halloween. Transforming their house into the Addams family.

Unknown said...

I'm so worried...that I'm a voting failure! It almost gives me a stomach ache to see the outcome!
Although my brother in law is running for county commissioner in Ravalli county in Montana...and he's pretty cool, so he'd get my vote.

karen said...

At least you're not in California... my stomach is twisted in a knot! I keep hoping for a good outcome, but I don't know if there is one.

sloan said...

Hi Laraine - it was such fun to hear from you today, what a nice surprise, thanks for finding me! And, yes, the party really was pee-your-pants hilarious - lots o' fun! btw, I LOVE the 'awkward family photos' collection, they make me laugh every time ...

jen said...

I'm still laughing at that family picture. Could it shout "You're the despised one!" any louder?

Sam and Melissa said...

You just know that boy is going to grow up with problems. IF only the kids on each side could have lifted their legs a little - they could ha blocked a little more of his face