Monday, February 28, 2011

For Your Consideration: Part Two

Okay campers,  I dug through the internet and found 
some luscious gowns to make fun of analyze with a fashion sensitive eye

 Sharon Stone has finally turned the corner and has become the creepy lady who has a mysterious attic and overgrown yard full of creatures who come out in the moonlight and slink around the neighborhood eating the dog food you put out for your normal pet.  When her nocturnal pets die she skins them, tans their hides and wears them on her shoulder to important events.

Melissa Leo thought that no one would take her seriously wearing the doily her grandma crocheted, so she dropped an F-bomb giving her acceptance speech.  Grandma was embarrassed.

Seriously Hugh, give the little woman the night off and let her leave her feather dusters at home.

Russell Brand looks like Rasputin in anything he wears.   
I bet Katy Perry sleeps with pepper spray under her pillow.

A perfect demonstration of a seamstress suffering from 
 severe vertigo and determination to use up 45 yards of ugly nylon net

When a black swan fights with a black swan - nobody wins

I think it is really heartless when everyone makes you carry all the handbags 
just so they can give Mark Wahlberg unencumbered hugs

photos found here


Matthew Rush said...

Russell Brand looks like a douche nozzle. Oh wait ...

Holly said...

I would love to see what Larainy would wear. What's in your closet, dear heart?

Connie said...

Hollywood really needs you to do the interviews on the red carpet, they're great.

Marti said...

LOL, I knew you could find something. Thanks for the giggles.

karen said...

I think I agree with you except for Sharon Stone. She's really really hard to wreck.

Sue said...

I always like it when you share with us your fashionista sensibilities.

Right on.


Pondside said...

There were some winners, and then there were some losers, and there were some that should have stayed home and dusted!

Michelle Teacress said...

He DOES look like Rasputin - someone should make a movie so he could play the part. I liked him in "Bedtime Stories", but haven't watched any of his other stuff. It might be better that way. ;)