Thursday, April 7, 2011

Animals Gone Tame vs. Animals Gone Wild

My dear readers, have you been driving yourself crazy drudging through the news, worrying about silly things like our national deficit (which is in a much deeper hole than the one you dug in 5th grade while trying to reach China, which is where the U.S. is borrowing all that deficit money).

Well, that is why you can turn to Larainy, who will fill your   well shaped cranium with the important news you missed during the past few days.

On the International Scene:

AP's Veronika Oleksyn reports from Laufen, Germany: When Regina Mayer's parents dashed her hopes of getting a horse, the resourceful 15-year-old didn't sit in her room and sulk. Instead, she turned to a cow called Luna to make her riding dreams come true. Hours of training, and tons of treats, cajoling and caresses later, the results are impressive: not only do the two regularly go on long rides through the southern German countryside, they do jumps over a makeshift hurdle of beer crates and painted logs.

Kerstin Joensson / AP

Now when I look at this photo I think "No way in Sam Hill that cow is going to make it over that jump, but I do admire pluck, and this cowgirl has pluck. She is naive if she thinks she is ever going to get a horse though, because now her parents are saying "Ja! Jetzt werden wir sie ein Pferd nie kaufen müssen!" Yea! Now we'll never have to buy her a horse!)

On the Local Scene:

WHITE MOUNTAIN INDEPENDENT - The animal control officer responded to a residence after a report that dogs attacked a man's goats on March 25.

When he arrived, he saw six dogs in the complainant's goat pen eating on a dead goat they had killed. The complainant said he hadn't seen the attack but all the dogs were in the pen eating the goat. The officer impounded six male dogs, all of whom had blood on them and took them to the shelter. They were a red and white boxer shepherd mix, a black heeler mix, a white and black heeler mix, a black terrier mix with white paws, a tan and white Shih-tzu mix and a white chihuahua mix wearing a green sweater.

Now Larainy cannot read a heart rending article like that without outrage at the shoddy investigation. Questions abound:
  • Who was the canine ringleader?
  • Why the obvious prejudicial language, i.e. identifying    each suspect as "mix"?
  • What about motive?
  • Was there any attempt to find out if the goat was a provocateur?
  • Was it only a scapegoat?
  • Since there is no mention of breaking and entering, was it an inside job?
  • Why was the Chihuahua wearing a sweater?

Don't worry. I've got my best undercover pig on the case.


just call me jo said...

I feel so much better now. A good laught makes everything lighter.

Lauren said...

My chihuahua mix has a green sweater. And she went missing for a few days not too long ago.....

Connie said...

Great detective work. Was it a scapegoat? HaaaaHaaaaHaaaaa!!!

Holly said... that's funny

Sue said...

You remain the master (mistress?) of humor. Or maybe the maestro.

At any rate, you crack me up. And that cow is hilarious! Maybe a really talented one DID jump over the moon...


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it was the Chihuahua that instigated the whole thing. With news like this everyday, can you believe the people who still want to give amnesty to those chihuahuas.

Anonymous said...

Sure the Chihuahua was wearing a green sweater. but nobody mentioned the terrier mix wearing the smoking jacket.

Vicki said...

The internatonal scene report brought back fond memories of riding the milk cow as a kid, although one time it was me that went over the fence, not the cow. :)

The Fillmore Family said...

Where in the world do you get this stuff? I just wanted to say hi and I miss you. I have a hard time figuring out how to get on your blog and then I figure it out and forget again. Here, among the senior missionaries, we call it halfhimers. I do try to check up on you from time to time in our busy schedule and it is always great fun when I do. Do you actually have a family one where I can see what all your kids are up to? Love, Joanne

Laurel said...

I was a reluctant calf rider back in the day. There was neighborhood peer pressure.

Believe it or not, I am the proud grandmother of a new grand dog on the island of St. Kitts. Did you know that St. Kitts is rabies free?

Pondside said...

Thank you, thank you.
I needed that bit of craziness today!

karen said...

I think the pig should call in Velma and Scooby Doo to help solve the mystery. But I'm sure it was the Chihuahua. He looked a little shifty in that sweater.

Mom2fur said...

Oh, my gosh, you are hilarious!

The chihuahua is innocent! He just happened along (as did the shih-tzu) and thought: dinner! Hey, the goat was already a goner. Why waste him? (Hmmmm...sounds like a scene from "Sweeney Todd.")

I can tell you why the chihuahua was wearing sweater. My little Shadow Dante wears them. Because they are little and have short coats and get very cold very easily. Besides, my Shadow actually likes to dress up, LOL! (He's weird, I know.)
Maybe if that owner fed his dogs enough they wouldn't have gone after the goat?