Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Canal/Antartica: Two Treks

 This morning I listened to an interview with Felicity Aston while I was walking briskly up and down the canal near my home.  

It is uncanny how much Felicity and I are alike.  We are practically identical twins in our hardy quest for rigorous challenge and adventure.

Felicity Aston just completed a 1,084 mile, 59 day skiing trek across the whole of Antartica, pulling two sledges full of supplies behind her.

I just completed a 2.5 mile walk from my front door, down the canal and safely back again pulling my booty behind me.

Felicity got emotional when she saw the coastal mountains that meant she was at the end of her journey

I got emotional when I saw that I was about to miss the garbageman as I neared my front door

Aston, skilled in physics and meteorology, used GPS to keep on course

Larainy, with fine motor skills developed through sad experience, kept on course by not falling into the canal, but walking along side it

Felicity had to fight near-constant headwinds across the vast central plateau to the South-Pole

I had to fight a breeze and several dog walkers, also a nasty whiff of hot asphalt on Adobe Street.

After 2 months of freeze dried food, Aston looks forward to a nice chicken pot pie made by her mother

After an hour of vigorous walking I look forward to a slice of sharp white cheddar on a cracker because I haven't liked chicken pot pie since a dangerous Swanson overdose during my freshmen year of college.

I may just be whistling Dixie, but I think there is a fine potential for a book/movie deal for us twins.

 photos and adventure found here


Holly said...

2.5 whole miles? How many years did you train for that? If you do decide to partner in a book, make sure your name is on the top. Felicity sounds like she's trying to ride your coat tails to awesomeness.

Anna M said...

you're amazing. I don't know how you do it.

Those canal pictures give me a bit of homesickness. But your hot asphalt on Adobe Street reference quickly amended that sentiment!

just call me jo said...

Yes, we know you carry the bigger share of the writing skills. I'm sure Felicity can't be as eloquent as you. (On a side note, I saw your brother on the news with Gabby. I felt so important. It's like 18 degrees of separation, but I knew him. I really knew him.)

Alan Macfarlane said...

I walked/jogged those canals many a time. There is an otherworldly remoteness about them as half-decayed fish carcasses and shopping carts threaten the path.

Sue said...

You are my hero(ine).


karen said...

Larainy! We are SO MUCH alike!! (Triplets??) And I also existed almost solely on Swanson's chicken pot pies as a freshman in college. They were so cheap.

Pondside said...

If she won't collaborate, I say 'go it alone' because that way you can keep all the royalties to put towards your next expedition.

Connie said...

What an inspiration you are, especially the part about the dangers you encountered along the way. Have you thought about contacting Survivor and letting them know about the awesome environment you have to offer for one of their shows? Maybe you could be a contestant! THAT WOULD BE FREAKING AWESOME!!!

sloan said...

this brought me such a smile, laraine, hilarious! so glad you didn't fall into that canal :)

Valerie said...

Way too funny!!!