Monday, July 23, 2012

A Grand Adventure

36 years ago, my bestest friend and cousin Jill had the nerve to abandon me and our wild post high school plans for college, travel and world domination to get married.

Five years (almost to the day) later, having failed at world domination and seeing how well marriage had turned out for her, I married too and we have been celebrating anniversaries together ever since.

This year we decided on a trip to Jacob's Lake, near the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  The lake is actually a pond but the quaint Jacob's Lake Inn, which is an assortment of little old cabins, and a small hotel nestled in the pines are so cute that you won't gripe about the lack of lake.  Also, there is a dandy bakery, lunch counter and restaurant that made me very happy.

A short car ride away is the north rim of the canyon and a great hike called the Widforss trail.  It has everything I like, not too much elevation change, spectacular scenery and wildlife that doesn't eat you.

 "That thing over there is called a stick-out, 
which is a geological term"

 It took a lot of courage for me to pile these rocks 
as a monument to my loving husband of 31 years, 
but I must say it turned out pretty well.

I hope you can smell the rain because 
there is absolutely no smell like Arizona rain

Widforss Point:
which was the point of the hike, 
which is only one of many pointy points in a landscape 
never painted by the pointillist painter Georges Seurat

 Another tender moment when I was reunited with "Brighty", mascot of the Grand Canyon and the favorite burro of my childhood reading days.

Another point of interest never painted by the pointillist Georges Seurat, is the million-dollar-most expensive-non-flushing toilet in Arizona. It can be found at the Navajo Bridge Visitor's Center.  A good stiff breeze mysteriously blows up through the commode when the lid is opened, providing a unique and refreshing experience for the weary traveler.

I quite like this guy and look forward to many travels to come.

And I wouldn't mind if these two were along for the ride.


Anne said...

What a great trip! I've heard they have amazing cookies there but haven't stopped before... I'll have to make a point to next time now that you shared all the highlights!

Melynda said...

What a great post! Happiness to all and many more years and trips to come.

Pondside said...

Here's to many more years of wandering about in the desert together (and to Hawaii and other greener places).

Laurel said...

Ah, Jacob's Lake. One of our favorite stops. My favorite cookie is "Cookie on a Cloud." We stopped to eat Sat. on our way back to Arizona. I recommend a sit down dinner in the dining room and order the trout. Yum!

Happy anniversary! Loved your Grand Canyon pictures!

Bev said...

You have missed your calling - you should be a travel writer! Unlike many travel writers, you point out the important stuff, like toilet information. Love it.

Holly said...

First, happy aniversary!!! Now, was Jill 10 years old when she was married??? Holy cow, what babies you were. My anniversary is in January, which means if I start training and doing Crossfit now, I may be in shape to stack some boulders for my husband by then.

just call me jo said...

You are a good friend. The toilet though--ugh. voyage on

RoeH said...

My inner traveling urge builds up just looking at those pictures. I love the little stop and shop at Jake's Lake. I was just there a couple of weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Jacob's Lake - never been there but sure want even if it's to stack a few rooks and taste some cookies! Yes, indeed - I agree you took some breathtaking photos! I'll have to make a trip in my future travels...

Anonymous said...

A friend like Laraine is a gift. And with my five years longer in the marriage foray....I'm able to give such profound advice....saved mark and laraine's union many a time:)) Jill

Robyn said...

What a wonderful trip and AMAZING scenery! Um the toilet? Not much to say on that LOL

Amanda- Hip House Girl said...

You guys are so awesome. I love the GC! Even with all the tourists and crowds, it just can't be beat. Especially when you're married to a geologist who tells you proper terms like "stick out" and "manifold crest crease rock" (Just kidding, I made that last one up.)

Sue said...

Wow. Just wow!

And what a cool thing to celebrate your anniversaries together.