Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Spam

Time to get your party hat on!

Spam just turned 75!*

In their wildest nightmares, 
who could have ever predicted that a
"ham-like nodule amalgam 
encased in a quivering gelatinous coating"
would last longer than the marriage 
of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?

Did anyone ever jump on Oprah's couch and proclaim their love for a hunk of Spam on Wonder bread?

The answer to that my friends is a big fat no.

Spam has survived scorn and a bevy of failed taste tests 
to celebrate 7 decades plus a fiver
despite a profound and well earned lack of respect.
(The army liked to call it
"ham that didn't pass it's physical".)

So get on out there and celebrate

with a tender morsel of Spam wusubi.


you can just eat a Vienna sausage,

which is neither from Vienna, or a proper sausage,
but a Spam cousin, once removed 
molded into a flesh-toned cylinder of horror.

Bon appetit!

*I really hope I look this good when I'm 75. 
I really hope I don't look like this when I'm 75.


Anna M said...

never tried it.

at least I never knew if I did. dun dun DUN!

Vee said...

I kinda like the stuff...sliced very thin and fried until crispy. ☺

MissGreenEyes said...

Ugggghh.. I remember one time when I was sick and I sent the other half to do the shopping - he came back with those burgers you heat in the microwave, some cakes, and cans of this. And stew in a can. I can't look at this stuff, it's the jelly, makes me feel sick and I'm not entirely sure they're telling the truth on the ingredients list.

Melynda said...

Is it meat or it it feet? No, worse it is spam.....

just call me jo said...

I thought by the title that it was going to celebrate unwanted email. Then I figured it out. That one can is 75 years old? It's like the fruitcake--there's only one and it just keeps being passed around from one person to another. It must have something going for it. I was really poor as a child. We couldn't afford Spam. Happy Birthday, dear Spaaam. Happy Birthday to yoooou.

karen said...

They eat that rice and spam version a lot in Hawaii, but it still doesn't taste good, even in Paradise. I remember those Vienna Sausage things - remember in the 60's they were everyone's fancy little hors d'oeuvre in a grape jelly/catsup concoction? Remember mock apple pie made from Ritz crackers? Ahhhh... culinary treats from the 60's...

Anonymous said...

I have fond memories of open faced sandwiches my mother made with boiled eggs, cheese, spam and who knows what else. Yes. Really.

Can't think of any other way I would come near the stuff, however.

Anonymous said...

My grandfather used to make a delicious protein drink that included spam,buttermilk and fresh green onions from the garden. He lived to be 93.

Pondside said...

This is a case of the comments being almost as entertaining as the original post! If Spam is turning 75, then Someone must be buying and eating it....unless there is some other odd use for it. (do you think the military might be stockpiling it as a WMD?")

Anonymous said...

I have, unfortunately, tried SPAM. I do not, however, have fond memories of it.

Vienna sausages...I'm gagging just looking at the picture.

Vanessa Villa Real said...

Laraine, é um prazer te-la em meu blog. Seja Bem Vinda!

Robyn said...

LOL Thats so funny.. I actually love Spam with eggs and ketchup or spam and ketchup sandwiches..I just hope I don't even figure out what its made of. LOL

Sue said...

Spam has definitely been ill-used.


PS. I actually used to like the vienna sausages.

Anonymous said...

cook a thin slice until crispy but first MUST be in the mood!wink..

Margaret said...

I grew up eating Vienna Sausage + mustard sandwiches for lunch.

The other kind was salami (w/peppercorns) or bologna with oozing mayo.

And especially good, Deviled Ham and mayo on Wonder.

I still crave Vienna Sausage, and pick up the can, and read the contents, then I put it back. Plus, it makes my daughter physically ill when I say, "Vienna Sausage". I do like the packing gel.

I did cheat recently and ate baby food chicken sticks in lieu of Vienna Sausage, but they made my stomach hurt, both times.

I do eat Deviled Ham on Ritz. It's surprisingly "feet free", but expensive. If it were $2.75 back in the day, my mom would not have packed that for lunch. It would have been dinner for the 5 of us. I'd probably would have gotten less meat, more mayo and cheaper bread.

Mom did make cold SPAM sandwiches occasionally (of course with mustard on white), and someone in my past fried it for breakfast, and I think the smell is still in my nostrils.