Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Winner!

This is the second grand prize winner of one of Miss Rhoda Peter's heartfelt, gut-wrenching, life changing poems.  The person whose life is changed today is my friend, Laurie Milliron.  I know what you are thinking.

You:  Holy cow are all readers of this blog extremely good looking?

Me:  Yes they are.  It is unclear at this point whether all readers of Larainy Days were all gloriously attractive before reading the blog, or whether a daily perusal of the wisdom contained herein has a cumulative beautifying effect.

You:  That is downright remarkable.

Me:  Indeed.  

You:  Can I just read the dang poem now.

Me: Indeed.


 When Grandmas Fall in Love

 By Miss Rhoda Peters

When grandmas fall in love
They already know
That eventually, the twirling in the belly
Will slow to a gentle churn
But gentle churning still
Turn you into butter.

When grandmas fall in love
They already know
That every body
Looks better in the dark.
Maybe with a small candle
Like a tea light.

When grandmas fall in love
They already know
To skip what doesn’t matter
And enough
To not skip
Down the sidewalk.

When grandmas fall in love
They already know
A lot of things
But can’t remember half of them
And that is why
Have half a chance.

(Now run fast and look in the mirror and see if you are better looking, then let me know.)


Laurie Milliron said...

I just looked in the mirror and I look just like the lady you wrote the poem for:)

I love it! How did you get inside my head and read all those thoughts and make them sound so purdy.

And by the way a tea light would be to much light!

Rachael Jill said...

I. am. stunning.

In an enlighteded, sophisticated kind of way...

Kristina said...

My mom showed me your blog (probably to brag about winning something). Your blog is pretty great and laugh-out-loud funny. Remember back in the day when I was a wide-eyed innocent 18 year-old who was blessed with an older (hahaha) and wise (notice I didn't say wiser) visiting teaching companion? Then you were made STAKE young women's president and I thought, "Wow, what they say is true. Anyone can be a leader in the church!" Okay, not really. I think I thought more about how you have that perfect combination of fun and spirituality. Glad you made a blog, you are a very witty, talented writer.

PS. I am quite a bit uglier than I was when I opened the computer to read your blog. Computer light is not flattering on me.

Dem, Mem and Them said...

Oh the butter part......

kate lines said...

much, much better looking!

Bekah: said...

Dear Laraine,

I love your blog. I have so enjoyed my daily dose of laughter from you.

Please use your way with words and write a poem depecting the time when you {shamelessly} stole my thunder and performed "Don't cry for me Snowflake Taylor" right smack dab in the middle of my wedding reception per my crazy Grandma Dixie's request.

That ought to be funny!


Em said...

I am so happy you found my blog because now I get to die laughing at yours!! You kill me!

Jennifer said...

Hey! I just found your blog!

I love it! :)

(this is Brandon's Jennifer by the way...)

...So jealous that you get to even SHOP at a Costco let alone trick those old ladies (I mean mature citizens) into giving you multiple samples. You're brilliant! I never even thought to try THAT!(sigh)....someday I will resign myself to life in a small soon as we get a Target and Costco....what's that you said???? Somthing about H-E-(double hockey sticks) having to freeze over before that happens?...I guess there's always hope as long as there's still global warming.

momamia said...

I laughed with de light that you shed upon the suject and I marveled that you could know all these things, until I remembered that you are now a grandma....or have you been peeking through the keyhole?

Kim Call said...

Do you let people "borrow" your poetry? I know a grandma who could truly identify with your sentiments.