Sunday, October 11, 2009

Warehouse Appetizers

Last week I was at Sam’s Club, wandering the aisles, pretending to shop so I could score several lbs. worth of delicious samples, It is always a good day when there are jalapeno poppers and not granola bars. 

Unfortunately, the store was not crowded which makes it hard to blend in with the teeming hordes and get seconds and thirds. Fortunately, I came prepared for this scenario with my red wig, fake mustache and  pocket sized rain coat. 
It was laughably easy to affect a 15 second transformation behind a pallet stacked high with Charmin. I strolled confidently back to the sample station and plucked another cream puff off the tray.

Those hairnetted harridans do not know how to deal with professionals.


Sam and Melissa said...

Eventually you will reach the point I am at, where I don't care if they know I am there for the fifth time. Never once have they hit my hand away :)

Brooke said...

I love your posts Laraine, they make me laugh. I am all about the samples, it's very disappointing when there aren't any!

kate lines said...

i pretend to be surprised when we walk in and see it just happens to be sample saturday. (i think lando may be catching on...)