Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Environmental Romance: Part Three

WARNING:   Don't even think about reading this installment without reading installment  

Flora: An Environmental Love Story

Installment numero tres

By: Laraine F. Eddington
(Best read aloud with expression - by candlelight)

A singular sparkling strand of the setting sun settled on someone striding with astonishing strength straight toward Flora, who stood, stunned. A muscular shape loomed before her, sparking* with masculine energy.

She gasped weakly as the last solar vestige illuminated a chiseled forehead and then shone on a square jaw glistening with manly stubble. Although it took only a fraction of a second, time seemed to stop for Flora as the dying light swept across impossibly broad shoulders and defined a span of brawny chest and abdominal musculature that looked like steel cords woven beneath the plaid flannel .

She stared, mesmerized by the sight of a trim waist and massive thighs that threatened to burst through the faded Levi 50ls that held them prisoner. With the very last teeny tiny little bit of sunlight Flora could just make out what she estimated were size 11 feet in well crafted boots.

The sun finally extinguished itself as if it could not compete…and darkness fell.

Fumbling through the many pockets of her regulation forest service issue utility vest, Flora’s dainty fingers finally found purchase on her regulation headlamp. As she switched on the powerful led bulb, the two men in front of her leapt into focus.

The unattractive one with the mullet chortled “Ya see, I tol’ you my twin brother was the one a firin’ the gun.” His wheezy laughter made him cough and he committed another spitting violation. “Go ahead, arrest him why don’t ya!”

Flora took her time, willing her heart to stop its erratic pounding; pounding that reminded her of a baby jackrabbit—one of her favorite infant creatures in the forest kingdom. She settled the headlamp neatly on the felt brim of her hat and cleared her throat, hoping her voice would not betray the melting feeling that dripped through her veins like warm honey. She took a deep breath, lifting her chin from the lump of humanity, up, up, up to the towering man who stood before her.

And then she saw them…

*note I used the word "sparking" not to be confused with "sparkling" which is an adjective patented by Stephenie Meyers and is legally unavailable for use in describing any fictional character except Edward.

To be continued


Anna M said...

my favorite part (which is saying a lot, since it's all pretty swell) are your labels. I've got to find a reason to have "musculature" as a label for a blog post.

I'm rapt.

Rachael Jill said...

If my jeans are too tight I like to think of them as a prison too.

The suspense is killin me

Kaija Thompson said...

The "faded 501's that held them prisoner," line is absolutely the best.

Greg and Elisha Reese said...

I find myself sitting here everyday just waiting for the next installment!