Friday, December 18, 2009

My Christmas Wish

Okay, okay.  If you quit bugging me, I'll tell you what my fondest Christmas wishes are.

1.   That all the children in the world will live in a peaceful world where they have their very own Snuggie.


(Results not typical)

2.  That all the preteenagers of the world will produce personal gardens with edible chia pet hair and feed their families.

3.  That all the teenagers of the world will each eat one fruitcake which will wipe out fruitcakes and hostile gift-giving in one generation.

4.  That those precious moments children will finally grow into their excessively large heads.

5.  And finally, selfishly, for myself I wish

                to spend Christmas day in a snuggie

                                           drinking egg nog


and turning Christmas tree lights on and off with the clapper. 


Anna M said...

Maggie LOVES her TJMaxx version of the Snuggie. It does look pretty comfy, I must admit.

What about making Perfect Brownies? That special pan is on my wish list, for sure.

Kyle said...

oh, some of the best Christmas wishes yet! I have always secretly wanted a clap on clap off machine:)
you weren't supposed to read my are getting the real deal in the mail...probably on Monday:) I try to remember to send Christmas cards to all the amazing women in the 76th ward that helped me out during those nighmarish years:) Just so they know I'm still thankful for them. You were one of them!
We are adding another to the "dream" in July....shhhhh...we haven't told the kiddos yet...we thought Santa could tell them on Christmas morning. thanks for making me laugh!

Jennifer said...

LOL!!!! Have you been reading my list? j/k