Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Code Red News Flash!!!

You know how much I hate to brag, but there are times when it is simply un-American to withhold news of national interest. Today I received the following e-mail.

You (or current resident)
Are coredeely invited too
The White House Xmas Ball
Where: Pensilvania Avenoo, WA DC
When: 12/27/09
Formil dress required

RSVP by sending $35.00 to:
Vern Peavley
Utility Closet “B”
Union Station Basement, WA DC 20051

Can you even believe it? I looked at my calendar and after I moved the appointment with my carpet cleaner (never let the dog sneak in and drink all the leftover turkey gravy), guess what? Yup, the check is in the mail and I am going to the party!

I was totally panicked about what to wear until I found this little beauty.

Style and patriotism combine in a fusion that will move many to tears. Am I right?

I have decided to travel by balloon, since this will tend to attact some media attention  and there is plenty of room to land on the White House Lawn.


I know I am dreaming out loud here, but I can just see myself swishing through the door in my beautiful gown, accepting a flute of Martinelli's finest from Joe Biden...

and then wandering into the library and cozying up to the fire while discussing whether the Twilight series is discriminatory to ugly vampires  with Michelle.

The next week, when I am interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today show about whether I had a good time or not, he will arm wrestle Tom Cruise for the right to escort me to a the New Year's Party at Johnny Depp's house. 
Ahhhh, life is good.


Rachael Jill said...

I must be a loser, I didn't get the email.

Have fun wearing the latest Liberty-ache design and rubbing shoulders with the sexiest man alive

Laraine Eddington said...

I didn't know you liked Joe Biden too?

Dem, Mem and Them said...

That gown really "moved" me, but in all the wrong places.

Emily Widdison said...

I'm going too! I'll have to get a different dress though, unless you want to be twinners.

incognito said...

My hubby and I will be there. I think I will wear a traditional muslim hijab and khimar and my husband will don himself in a turban...just to make sure the secret service are not racially profiling anyone who has a real, genuine invitation.

Laraine Eddington said...

Good one icognito! I wish you weren't icognito so I could laugh in your face.

incognito said...

You would like to know me, however, I would rather keep my comments anonymous...people are watching.

Laraine Eddington said...

Okay, now I'm shutting my drapes.

Mike said...

Y'all let me know how this goes... and I'd probably save Vern's address. You might be needing it later. :)