Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Smell of Disney

Stumped for a last minute gift? 
Be the first on your block to order 
the new Disney line of exquisite parfums 
for the Lord or Lady in your life.

For the Lady

by Mary Poppins


A little touch on a gentle wrist wafts 
a conservative yet saucy smell 
that will drive bankers wild

"Sea Splash"

by The Little Mermaid

Who needs legs when you smell like pearls and kelp?


by Belle 

Will bring out the beast in your man

"Odours eau de Wind"
by Pocohontas

Environmentally sensitive fragrance 
that will deplete your man’s erogenozone

by Sleeping Beauty

With a fragrance blendation
of fresh baked birthday cake and roses
No one will be sleeping!


by Lady

 This perfume is restricted 
to those with a minimum of
three tattoos
and one body piercing.

"Poison Apple"

by Snow White 

For the wicked witch in all of us


by Mulan

Personalized with just a pinch 
of the cremains of your long dead ancestors, 
so you can carry their smellmory with you for dynasties.

And for the Gentleman

by Mowgli 

 You will be the Bear, You will be her necessity    


by Peter Pan

For the man who refuses to settle down


by Tarzan

Your woman will swing through the trees 
to sniff your manly smell.


by Pinocchio

Change is good


by Robin Hood

She’ll quiver and shiver whenever 
she catches a whiff of you

"Arabian Nights"

by Aladdin

 You won't need a magic carpet when you 
let the Genie out of this bottle of perfume!


Mike said...

HAhahahahahaha... even a little scandalous!

Chad and Mindy said...

Love it. So funny.

Rachael Jill said...

Primal- Damon and I laughed for 10 minutes on that one!

Dem, Mem and Them said...

And don't forget "Cinderfella"- Smokin hot!! OK- I give up...

Anna M said...

I would seriously order Primal for Alan for Christmas... seriously.

Larson Family said...

And where can I find these?

maxwell said...

i forgot how hilarious this post was. I will never forget the moment when joey invented "supercalifragisexyexpialisexy" in the checkout line at dillards hahaahhaaa

maxwell said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know if you post anonymous comments, but as a random reader searching for funny gift ideas I found this funny


-A random gal named Samantha