Friday, January 29, 2010


Woman seeking man who appreciates experience 
and a felt hat worn at a rakish angle

Cowgirl seeking cowboy who enjoys being 
whipped about the face with golden gloves.

Spunky policewoman seeks wimpy man
that isn't chained to his work.

Friendly young man with style disability seeks woman 
to help with hairstyling and clothing decisions.  
(Also I could use a pair of ears.)

Twelve year old girl seeking two eligible bachelors to marry my grandma and mom so they will have something to do with their time and quit making me dress like them and pose for lame portraits.


Trumpet player with limber lips and the beginning of a 
swell mustache seeks woman with the same.

Sheriff Joe's brother Moe seeking new identity.


Texas Mother/Daughter combo seeking 
rich husband/daddy who appreciates natural beauty.

Environmentally minded spider surrogate seeks home 
for the 5 million baby black widows spiders that are about to be birthed from their cozy nest on top of my head.

(pix from sexy


incognito said...

Obviously the friendly young man's mother didn't care for him enough to donate her ears to him...which he would discover his donors identity when he brushed back his mother's hair, while she lay in her casket, and find the reason that she always has worn her hair down.

Laraine Eddington said...

Stop it, stop it incognito. You're making me sob.