Monday, January 18, 2010

On the Red Carpet in Pink Pajamas

Time for some fashion commentary on what our Hollywood role models were wearing Sunday night at the Golden Globes


The Genovian Princess was fabulous in a gown hand sewn by the 150 indentured child laborers in the sweat shop located in the dungeon of the Genovian Castle.

This beauty  is clad in the tanned skin of a giant Anaconda.  Before you animal lovers get all worked up; said Anaconda  attacked an innocent indigenous Brazilian and therefore deserved to die.

J Lo hit a new low when she pointed and 
made fun of this redhead because:

a.  the redhead's skin is a ghastly washed out white color with writing on it 
b.  the redhead didn't show near as much back skin as J Lo did 


This starlet is elegant from her toes clear up to her....
wait a minute.  Don't the windows roll up in your Lexus? 

Next time, don't accesorize with a box of Cheetos.

Oops!  Forgot my tank top.  Good thing 
I remembered my nude adult onesie 

Don't worry if you spill your drink,
I've got plenty of bar rags.

Hey Hollywood, 
I bet I had more fun not watching the Golden Globes 
while eating a gigantic piece of cake 
and wearing pink pajamas


ChristineMarie said...


I love it. You are hilarious. And dead on. Love ya!

Sam and Melissa said...

The things I miss out on, not having TV. Lucky for me, you fill me in. Your reviews are way better than watching the real thing.

Laurel said...

SO glad that you didn't include the biggest golden globes of all!

Mariah was a a new low.

I had to close my eyes and I was just reading the newspaper!

Laurie Milliron said...

I have got to get back to blogging, reading your blog and watching the wonderful TV shows with Hollywood patting themselves on the back. This having a man in your life really is time consuming-but worth it:)

Rachael Jill said...

Nude Adult Onesie.

You have hit a new level of awesome.

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

That redhead's hot, J-lo can kiss it.


kate lines said...

thank goodness for adult nude onsies!

(mormon bachelor pad huh, laraine? you cougar.)

Laraine Eddington said...
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Brooke said...

LOVE THIS! And by the way, I feel like such a fashionista since I have rocked the adult onesie for several years now.....