Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wicked Bad Hair Day

The following factors can lead to a bad hair day:

  • Using lotion when you run out of conditioner 
  • A curling iron with a defective temperature regulator that crisps your hair causing it to smell like you are branding calves in a Spring roundup

  • Mistaking Nair for Pantene

  • A malfunctioning spark shooting blow dryer 

  •  Inattention while styling due to too much critical attention of your naked self in steamy mirror.

  • Hairspray induced high resulting in an excess of teasing

If any of these have ever happened to you, cheer up Charlie, I'm sure you didn't look as bad as these unfortunate fellow earthlings.

 Which is scarier, his hair or his face?  You choose.

Carefree, windblown bachelor seeking a strong woman 
with electric clippers to wrestle me down 
and put my hair out of its misery.

Did you know Mr. Bean is living in Jamaica 
trying out for a Reggae band?

This is why I believe in BB guns

Humidity really adds volume

Princess Diana couldn't help this man
and neither can Camilla

Oh wait...this was a bad scalp day

The jury only took 11 minutes to
convict Phil Spector's hair to life in prison.
(Obviously he had already been electrocuted)

The Red Queen and Bellatrix portrayed 
in one massive messy tangle on top of 
Helena Bonham Carter's head

I feel your pain buddy.  
I'm just glad I can't smell you

The Donald continues his generous public service: 
making us all feel better about our hair


Sue said...

Funny photos. Even funnier captions.



Anne said...

I love the captions, too. Thanks for a good laugh! :)

Anna M said...

the tattoo on the back of the head with hair as a MOUSTACHE---killing me!

jen said...

I also believe in BB guns and am grateful that the internet provides no smell.
I will write my Congressman and make sure Obama doesn't pass smell legislation next Sunday.

Melis said...

Your blog always makes me smile! It brightens my day. Thanks :)