Monday, March 1, 2010

Kid tested/Mother approved

Welcome to our new sponsor!

Is your child out of control?

Does your teenager stay out too late at night?

You can rest easy with the 


Bright and cheerful enamel covered steel bars and a environmentally sensitive bed of fluffy sawdust will protect your little mischievous little darling and give you piece of mind during those difficult "time out" moments.

Order now!

Available in 24 monthly installments of $19.95
Paypal, Visa and a suitcase full of cash accepted.
Also available, dome ceiling faux painted with happy clouds and a smiling Mr. Sunshine
Some assembly required.


Susan Anderson said...

Why couldn't you have come out with this marvelous product a few years ago?! I would have bought four!


PS. Though four suitcases of cash might have been hard to come up with...

Adam Kent said...

You're too kind.

But now I feel like a washed-out child star.

R A C H A E L said...

I thought the saw dust could use some embelishment. Soft billowy cedar shavings so lull your teenager to sleep... its a thought...

Unknown said...

I love Adam Kent!