Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't Fight Twilight

Eclipse Closing In On A Half A BILLION Dollars At Box Office!

But what did your neighbors think of it?

"I laughed."

"I cried"

"Frankly, I'm sick and tired of the canine discrimination.  
Now if they made the next movie with some buff Cherokees 
turning into a WereChows they might really be on to something."

"We're from Forks and Twilight has changed our lives."

"It was totally worth the week I spent with Mom, 
waiting in line to see the midnight movie."

"The first book in the Twilight series was 
responsible for our first son, Emmett."

"New Moon brought us little Cullen."

"If Stefani Meyers writes another book, I swear I'll kill her."

All pictures can be found here


Joanne Fox said...

Am I the only person in the universe not to have seen the Twilight films? Gawsh - you have photos of some scary people Laraine. Maybe I won't rush out to get the DVD after all.

Missy said...

No wonder I was avoiding seeing or reading this series. I thought it was because of nasty vampires but now realize it is because I don't want more kids. Thank you for enlightening me. lol

Sarah said...


I made my husband look at this one. Awesome. Sauce.

Sue said...

I haven't seen them, either.

Am I missing anything?


Sarah said...

Oh my word. Priceless. Thanks Laraine!

Cherie said...

Those pictures are hilarious!
I have to admit to being a Twi-Lover but thank goodness my family pictures do not look like this - Eek!
Sidenote - those last 3 (sorry if these are people you know) made me laugh especially because it looks like the same guy in all 3 pics but a different wife in the first one - Maybe she got eaten by a werewolf?

Anonymous said...

that is hilarious!!!!!!!!

Pondside said...

More good reasons to avoid the movies at all costs. That man......is he something that one could catch? (and I mean in this in a bad way, not in a good way)