Monday, July 26, 2010


Dear Readers,

I am going to be gone this week.  Can you guess where I'll be?

 a.  To Washington D.C. to pass on my top secret information to congressional subcommittee that Zac Efron is a Russian spy produced in a test tube because no one has eyes that color without genetic manipulation. AND that he has already mesmerized millions of vulnerable young women who are even now teetering on the dangerous brink of communist activity.

b.  To the Gulf with my shark to steam sea gulls.

c.  To a crumbling villa in Tuscany where I will lie on a blow up mattress eating cheese while feral cats wearing tiny felt berets roam through the grape vines that serve as European feline headquarters. 

While I am gone, I suggest you read or reread my life changing Environmental Romance Series 

You can find part one here.
 followed by
 part two
          part three 
                  part four
                          part five
                                 part six
                                      part seven 
                                             part eight
                                                        part nine 
                                                                 part ten 

and finally...get out yer kleenex for 
                                                       part eleven: the final chapter 


Marti said...

I sure hope it's C. and that your blow up mattress is in water and not on the cold, hard ground. Have fun!

Anna M said...

Hmmm... maybe somewhere where you build women out of youthful girls so true. I'm admittedly jealous. I've always wanted to build a woman... robot.

Pondside said...

I'm sobbing all over the keyboard - just finished installment eleven.
It could be a best seller.

mary said...

Hope you won' be gone long. Your blog is a bright start to the day.

Sue said...

Environmental favorite genre. (At least, it is now!)


PS. Have a nice break!

Anonymous said...

Whatever will I do for a week? That trip to the crumbly villa sounds absolutely fantastic. Maybe I could achieve the same effect by hot-gluing a felt beret to my cat's head and sleeping in my crumbly basement? Although my cat's not feral, so that probably won't do...

Kat from California said...

My dad just came back from Italy. He's 82 and still travels!! He told me they have dogs everywhere but no cats. There were there for weeks before finally seeing one. Sad!

I guess you have to go to france to get cats with berets. lol