Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rescue Me!

At a dining table somewhere near San Jose Mine, Chile 
sits a recently rescued miner and his wife

Miner:  Oh sweetie, this is delicious, I have been dreaming of eating your cooking for the past 69 days.

Wife:  Well enjoy it because I'm going to the mall.

Miner:  What?  I just got home.

Wife:  Exactly.  While you were laying around with your buddies playing cards I've been trapped in the house with our screaming kids.

Miner:  But I was in the dark with nothing to do!

Wife:  That sounds like heaven.

Miner:  But I was under extreme psychological pressure from being with 32 other miners 24 hours a day and they all smelled bad.

Wife:  Did you have to change their diapers?

Miner:  Well no, but...

Wife:  Did you have to watch Barbie: Mermaidia 114 times?

Miner:  Well no, but...

Wife:  Did you have to extract a lego out of a nostril with your sharpened fingernail?

Miner:  But I lost ten pounds!

Wife:  With a withering glare  Well, I gained twenty because you know how I eat when I'm worried.

Miner:  But aren't you excited?  You're married to a big celebrity now.

Wife:  I'll believe that when Antonio Banderas plays you in the movie.  

See ya!


Sue said...

Seriously, you are too much, Laraine!


Anonymous said...

Mermaidia- puke!

Sure hope those guys can survive all the attention. That might be a bigger test than the mine.

Holly said...

Not to mention, he hasn't earned a paycheck in over two months! If they did pay him, that's some overtime!

Sarah said...

I literally laughed out loud at this one. Heck, I'm usually at the door, frothing at the mouth with my keys in hand on Friday nights. The stress eating fits me to a "T" too. Shucks.

"Did you have to change their diapers?" You slay me.

Cherie said...

That was pretty hilarious!!

Did you hear about that one miner who was having an affair and asked both his wife and his mistress to come to the mine? Only his mistress showed up. I would love to hear those conversations too!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Ha! Love the "sounds like heaven" line, 'cuz it kinda does! LOL

Anna M said...


This is great, Larainy. GREAT!

Lydia Kang said...

That was so funny but you had me at the Barbie Mermaidia. My kids are watching it now and it's driving me nuts.

nicole said...

haha hilarious! i love it

The Bipolar Diva said...

too funny!

Emily Widdison said...

Kyle has been sick on the couch for 2 days now. I really want to go to the mall now. Taking care of 5 babies (most of them sick) is NOT fun. I am the only one that hasn't gotten it...figures huh? I will probably get it when they are all better and it is the weekend.

Mr Monkey said...

very good
Mr Monkey

karen said...

I wouldn't mind being stuck in a mine with Antonio Banderas... of course only if I weren't happily married to my husband. Of course.

Pondside said...

The weight loss would have been the last straw! I'm with that woman all the way!

Emily Widdison said... are now a celebrity on my blog:)

joanne fox said...

Hi Laraine. Just to let you know I gave you a 'Sweet Friends' blog award. You can pick it up at my blog if you would like to hop over. Don't feel obliged to do all the stuff about telling us 6 things about yourself, or passing on the award to 6 others. It's all rather time consuming, and after all your main role in Blogland is to bring smiles to our faces!

Linda said...

Laraine, thanks for giving us a good laugh today. Between the mine entry and the hairstyle from the 1700's - on picture day... It was hilarious!