Monday, March 7, 2011

Ready for the Runway

High fashion is all about the sass the sparkle and the skinny.  
High fashion is about clothes so brilliantly creative they make us gasp at the audacity of genius.  
High fashion is all about clothes that no one really wears.

image found here
...Except perhaps this angel winged puffy coat, 
which is perfect for school crossing guards in northern climates.

Let us turn to the real experts, ordinary people like you and me, a neighbor, or that nice guy that works at the carwash that always gives you an extra squirt of "new car scent" free of charge.  

Let us pose the vital question:

What is your most important fashion advice?

Russell from Omaha says "I first began building my own leisure suits when I earned the sewing merit badge in Boy Scouts.  I find my work much easier now that I finally made the switch to scissors.  It was hard to cut through polyester with a swiss army knife."

Vonda Toggie from Elko Nevada says "To me, volume is the key to beautiful fashion.  I try to follow this simple formula."

hair with volume + voluminous accessories = va va voom 

Woodeen Clark from Baltimore Maryland says, "I try to teach Cindy that attitude is everything.  If you don't got spunk you ain't got nothin'.  When you loosen up and lose the grammar you're halfway there."

Vonda Kay from Washington is also a believer in attitude.  "Why do you think everyone in Seattle drinks so much coffee?  You have to have energy to be a rebel and my style is all about rebellion.  I don't even recycle."

Jaagup from Estonia admits he has changed since he relocated to Arkansas  "I must feel I should wear American clothes to be fitting in splendidly.  Mustache also in delightfully growing stages."

Harley from Phoenix says "What's the point of trying to look good when you spend three hours moussing your hair for school pictures and they don't use the black background.  I look like a total freak.  Hey idiots!  I said option #3!"

Avonell from Dodge City Kansas says, "I have learned that I can't take a bad picture if I concentrate really hard and think about my cats.  There is always an aura of serenity emanating from a person who is thinking about cats."

Dee Dee from Brooklyn, New York says "My sense of style finally began to develop when I discovered that the little green puppet in every family photo was not really my little brother.  I have been Kermit free since the 80's.  I don't think anyone looks good in felt."

Lyda from Waco Texas says, "My father Cleve has always had a strong fashion sense.  I can't remember the time when he didn't choose the clothing for Mother and I.  Obviously something is working because I have won 53 pageants and I can twirl a flaming baton and do a cartwheel wearing 36 yards of taffeta."

fashionistas found at sexy people


Holly said...

The pics are priceless but the names are the finishing touch. Makes me wanna have another baby just to name her Woodeen.

Dixie Mom said...

Oh I wish I had good fashion sense like these guys.

just call me jo said...

Every time you post such pics, I think one of 'em will be me because I've had several of those looks, mustache and all. :O(

Connie said...

Do you lay awake at night thinking up these things? And you find the BEST photo's to go along with your wild imagination. Pure entertainment, thanks.

Anna M said...

Avonell does look very serene. Note to self: CATS!

Sue said...

Jaagup is one cool dude.

And you are one funny friend!


I'm Cindy said...

great entertainment!!

GlamorousGirl said...

love these old pictures :)))

come and check ut my blog:

Roberta Walker said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Pondside said...

I'm pretty sure that Jaagup has moved to the Island and has taken up residence in Ucuelet.

karen said...

Great balls of fire, I wish I had your imagination! I get the feeling you don't think of cats very often though...

Jesse and Lauren said...

I have said this before, and I will say it again...your blog is so flippin' hilarious!!

Just wanted to let you know that I was awarded a fun, little blog award. I was asked to pass it onto to a few of my blogger friends, and I chose you as one of them. Feel free to keep it going. However, it is a lot of linking labor, so don't feel inclined. ;)