Friday, August 26, 2011

Skeletal Gratitude

Things I am grateful for today

1.  Kind and quirky people that thoughtfully arrange a tableau*    

 like this one
on a well-traveled road.
So that people like me 
can laugh at them 
while we drive by,
taking a break from singing along
to John Denver tunes
to torture my children

Seriously, is this great or what?

 And I never would have found
the ape hiding in the brush
next to the motorcycle
if I hadn't stopped to take the photo.

* I know, I know, the background looks totally fake but it is absolutely for realsies.  Those are genuine mountains not a JC Penney Studio backdrop

has been safely delivered to college
 3.  That he is now attending
Brigham Young University,
the same college
his older brother is attending.
(Don't be fooled.
Although they both prefer communist eyewear
They are actually free market capitalists)


just call me jo said...

Was the tableau in Idaho? It looks like something one of "us" would do. Your sons look like twins. And they make me smile. I'll bet you guys have jolly family gatherings. Go Flying Squirrel. Live long and soar.

Pondside said...

Very strange tableaux there in your neck of the woods. Of course, I believe that people who put out such things are completely unselfish, making a display that is solely for the passer-by's enjoyment. Weird but generous.

Holly said...

How the heck did you happen to find my front yard? I didn't tell you where I live, did I?

Rondo Youman said...

Hopefully Squirrel Boy will choose a variety of friends in college and not just gravitate exclusively to the nuts.

Laurel said...

How do you get your husband to stop so you can take pictures? Oh, maybe your husband lets you drive.

I know this route well and this scene is just north of Panguitch. Thanks for letting me view it up close and personal.

Sue said...

Those "tableaus" are too funny.


PS. You, on the other hand, are just the right amount of funny...

Grammy Goodwill said...

hahaha - thanks for the laugh.

Ann in the UP said...

Do you ever fail to amuse? The tableau is a hoot, and the brother looks are priceless.

My kids are adults to the rest of the world but when they get together? Not so much....

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

I'm still looking for the ape and the motorcycle. . .

Connie said...

Are you sure that isn't the offspring of Bigfoot? I wouldn't get too close.

Such intelligent looking college boys. They look brilliant.

About the lowland huckleberries, no not even close to the purple ones. Blech!!!

Dixie Mom said...

A riot...both the skeletons and the boys.

karen said...

I need to know where this was. I never see such amusing things when I drive to Utah. (Maybe because I am driving too fast?) Congrats on getting the kid to college - a flying squirrel will do well at BYU!

Cherie said...

That Ape is a little freaky. It is funny what people come up with.

Love that last picture of you boys!

Carmen @Life Lines Positive Thoughts said...

Funny...the skeleton and the ape (looks like Bigfoot). Thanks for sharing them and bringing a smile to our day.

Emily Widdison said...

they are at byu together! so fun! Fugal hall was my hall too...but I'm pretty sure I was in the girl one:) That pic of the brothers is great, but the skeleton and big foot pictures are the best!