Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So You Married a What?

When your daughter gets married, you acquire something called a son in law.  
This is not optional except in certain states like New York.

I don't like to think of my son in law as a son in law.  
I prefer to think of him as a son who will never have trouble with the law.

When we first met he asked what I would like him to call me.  I told him he could call me Laraine.  I later retracted and asked to be referred to as "your highness" but unfortunately, at that point it was already too late in the relationship to develop in him a properly subservient tone.

There are disadvantages to these men who permanently attach themselves to the fruit of your loins.  They frequently whisk your daughters away to the far flung reaches of the universe, i.e. Texas, where it is difficult to properly interfere in their daily lives.  But, there are also advantages.  Let's dwell on the sunny side of the street, shall we?

Advantages of having an extra man in the family:

Photo by talented daughter with remote in her hand
  • He will participate in the production of quality grandchildren

  • If you glare at him in a pointed manner he will sometimes produce a faint chuckle/cough at your jokes

  •  If your daughter chooses wisely he will have the ability to mimic Mike Myers Scottish accent in So You Married An Axe Murderer 
  • He will ask deep soul searching questions like "If Emily and Charlotte Bronte had a smackdown, who do you think would win?"
What's not to love?


    Sue said...

    What a cute family they make!

    Loved this.


    R A C H A E L said...

    I think he is pretty awesome too. :)

    This is one of your best posts- but I'm a little biased.

    Connie said...

    Wow, you can just feel the love.

    I really like the whole "your highness" title. I think there should be an ammendment to the constitution proclaiming that "Your Highness" be a requirement and that a contract must be signed by all parties involved (just so someone can't claim ignorance on the subject).

    Beautiful family, by the way!

    just call me jo said...

    I'm so envious. You have a SIL that you love. Awww! I want one of those.

    Matthew MacNish said...

    Adorable grandchildren!

    Cherie said...

    Beautiful family - and I would not have even noticed the remote had you not mentioned it. That is super hard to get a great picture like that of your own family - she is good!!

    I have come to really appreciate and love SIL's - I have 2 now and they bring alot of joy and laughter to my life!

    Holly said...

    Ahh, she chose well. Love that pic! I shall forever call you "Your Highness" if you wish. Don't matter none to me.

    Grammy Goodwill said...

    Great post. Lovely family. I wish they were lived close to you.

    Pondside said...

    Talented daughter - gorgeous grandchildren - and a keeper of a Son in law!
    My future SIL hasn't asked what to call me yet, so there is, perhaps, time to get him used to calling me Your Royal Highness.

    Melynda said...

    Wonderful!I have one here too!

    Chinatours said...

    Wow, you are so lucky to have such a large family...have a nice day.

    Lisa Ricard Claro said...

    He may not refer to you as Your Highness, but I bet he thinks you're the coolest mother-in-law ever. Beautiful family!

    karen said...

    I wish my son-in-law could do all of that. Well, the quality grandchildren part he did, but he's a pretty serious character - no mimicking Mike Myers for him, sadly. But then again, he's going to be a psychiatrist. So maybe I'd better watch my P's and Q's or he'll have me committed.