Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why When I Was a Grandma, I Walked 5 Miles Through the Sunshine to Go To School

BYU Education Week Day Four

 This is the tree of knowledge that I lay under today.  

image found

I didn't know it was a tree of knowledge when I chose it, but it turned out to be a pretty smart tree to lay under.  I learned you can probably learn as much laying under a tree for an hour as you can sitting in class for an hour, especially if the class turns out to be taught by a skinny old bald guy who sounds exactly like Will Ferrell.  Will Ferrell just doesn't have any credibility when it comes to discussing religion.  

And then I saw this little lady
She was hunched over, 
carrying her orange, 
wearing tennis shoes 
and carrying a backpack full of books.

That's the kind of lifetime learner I want to be

I asked her if I could take her picture
because I thought she embodied the 
spirit of BYU Education Week

She said "okay" but when I asked her to turn her head
she said, "Huh!  Hollywood."
I said "thank you"

I bet she found a tree to sit under and ate her orange.


Holly said...

I've never found a smart tree, but I did sit beside a very street smart dumpster once.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Too funny. Thanks for the early morning laugh.

Lucy aka Roeann said...

That's Me!! If I'd known you were going to shoot pictures, I'd have dressed up gooder. :)

Emily Nicoll said...

I love you Larainy! Your blog makes me smile and laugh! I love you madly :)

Sue said...

She is too cute. I hope I can be just like her one day. (It may be sooner than later, the way I feel lately!)


Nick Thomas said...

Go granny go! I used to walk miles to home after school, can you imagine kids doing that today?

Jean said...

At 89 a friend of mine got her ninth master. I agree, life long learners are the best.

karen said...

You're nicer than me - I wouldn't have asked. I'd have just snapped away. Huh - Hollywood... WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?

Sam and Melissa said...

Are you sure that backpack was loaded with books.. she looks a little suspicious to me. It is hard to beat Utah in the summer... how fun you could go with Grandma.