Monday, September 19, 2011

Small Screen Fashion

I'm the kind of blogger that doesn't have to watch an event to  report on it.  Oh wait, I forgot, that's how most blogger's operate.  

Anyhoo, the Emmy's aired Sunday night.  This is an awards show that celebrates the small screen on the small screen with small stars and large commercials.

As usual, there was a red carpet littered with women,and the occasional man wearing glittery, fluffy, clingy bits.  Let's review, shall we?

image found here
Morticia's granddaughter breaks out the crow feather boa she inherited and continues the family tradition of portraying an appearance of deep depression
Note to celebrity self:  Make sure all sections of filmy dress are free of closed limo door 
before taking the first ripping step onto the red carpet

Phoebe, I don't care how much you love your pet hummingbird.  
Wearing its habitat on your head is not flattering.

Heidi Klum dedicates her frothy hem as an 
inspirational tribute to flash flood victims across the globe

Heather has an embarrassing moment when she glances down, 
sees the tag and realizes she's got the whole thing on backwards

Rico wins the bet with his best friend Arnold 
that he can drink 44 oz. of Dr. Pepper 
and hold it through what turned out to be a very long night

 Amy Poehler arrived fresh from a snorkeling trip in a multitasking wetsuit/evening gown.  
With her no nonsense slicked back hairstyle, 
all she had to do was throw on a pair of earrings and rinse off the salt water.

Red carpet photos found here


Anne said...

Haha, I love the flash flood and the wet suit! Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh!

Holly said...

I was flipping through channels last night while getting ready for bed and saw that this was on, I flipped on past, knowing you would give me the highlights this morning. Love your view.

Carmen @LifeLines said...

Fun to read. I love your creativity in describing the fashions. Thank you for starting the week off with a smile.

Sue said...

Your Emmys commentary is always better than the show itself.


Connie said...

Joan Rivers and her daughter pale in comparison to your observations of the stars. Love the "gotta go pee pee" dance.

Lisa Ricard Claro said... are one of the reasons I was so sad when my internet was down. I actually go through withdrawals now if I can't read your posts. Thank you for the laughs!

Pondside said...

There were some winners there, definitely.
I wonder what I'd have worn, given a huge budge and, of course, the figure I had at 25.

karen said...

Gah - there were some astoundingly ugly ones, weren't there? There are some stylists who should be shot, starting with Amy Poehler's... Although I have to disagree about Heidi Klum. The dress was a little odd, but that girl can rock anything.

Marti said...

Ha! That's the same thing I thought about Heather's dress.

Vero said...

You are so fun!