Friday, September 30, 2011

Paddling Brain Puddles

The impending weekend calls for recreation and what better way to begin than by paddling around in an a little intellectual exercise I like to call cranial canoeing. 


So c'mon, jump in my hand carved vessel and let's navigate the inner recesses of Larainy's brain...entering at the ear canal.


Why oh why did I succumb to my inner child and buy a gargantuan vat of buttery delicious animal crackers when I am the only one in my household that eats them and my co-dependent snacking grandchildren are hundreds of miles away?

Why oh why do they even make tubs of animal crackers that are bigger than my car?

How in tarnation did this boy man get so talented?

Listen to the new song he wrote here

Do you think even Nancy Reagan just says no to *cinnamon bread?

Why does everyone else that goes to the the Harry Potter link find out they have a cool Patronus like a wolf or a jaguar and I end up with a fat little marmot.  
 Yeah, right, like this sluggard is every going to be able to save me from the likes of Voldemort.

(Let me know if you need a new addiction 
and I'll give you my cinnamon bread recipe)


Holly said...

"I can't twist your hair around my fingers...." Love that song, he is so very talented. Please DO NOT send me your recipe for cinnamon bread. You can send the bread though.

Jen West said...

That IS a great song! And, yes, I would love the recipe. It looks perfect for conference morning :)

nick said...

Can't get enough animal crackers.

Pondside said...

Yes please - my old addictions are lonely, so all cinnamon toast recipes accepted.
I couldn't listen properly on my little traveling machine, so will tune in again when I get home to my serious computer.
Off to ensure that my Patronus is an EAGLE or graceful GAZELLE.

Sue said...

Methinks, perchance, that young Mr. Eddington takes after his mama.

JMHO, of course.

(As for the patronus thing, I think marmots are marvelous.)


Grammy Goodwill said...

You have a very talented young man there. Can I have his autograph now before he's unavailable?
I had to laugh at your little car. Too funny.

Missy said...

I can't believe you would even have to ask if we need the recipe... Yes, please hurry.

Dixie Mom said...

I like marmots too.

And cinnamon bread. I never say no to that.

Enjoy every single one of those animal crackers.

karen said...

Your son is just like you - you both must feed off each other. And cinnamon bread recipe? Yes please. I would love to have it. I don't even want to know what my patronus is - probably Porky Pig.

Sarah said...

Cinnamon bread me!

I am not sure what my patronus would be, but I'm thinking sloth or possibly slug.

Amy said...

Cinammon Bread sounds AH-mazing! Will you pretty please reply to this comment with the recipe? Also, your blog makes me really happy. My husband and I (no kiddos yet) had a friend buy us a big box of fruit snacks from Costco. Her husband I guess won't let her give that "junk" to his kids and asked who it was for. Us. Yep. Grownups who still need our kid food fixes. You go on an enjoy those animal crackers and don't forget about how good they taste when you rescue them from a cup of milk while you dip them :) Thanks for writing.

Michelle Teacress said...

A marmot! That's what they call those litle guys? I used to call them pot-guts.