Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All Dressed Up With Somewhere to Go


is lurking just around the next cobwebby corner waiting to pounce 
on those who don't think ahead to produce a costume.  
C'mon, you're not going to wear that
faded orange pumpkin shirt again are you?

Let's find out what are creative friends are wearing this year.

 Eldus is going to let down his hair and wear his Gene Simmons facepaint because the little woman gets such a kick out of it

Arlene is boycotting princess costumes this year 
and vows she will cut off any synthetic Rapunzel hair with her scythe 
as she trick or treats as the Grim Reaper

Bobby is wearing his gi and carrying his karate trophy 
when he works the neighborhood for treats 
because he hasn't put it down since the awards ceremony

Lavinia favors combining an eclectic amalgam of styles in her costumes; 
hair from Snowball, her Pomeranian, 
eyewear from Aunt Gert, 
gold chain from Uncle Vincenzio and 
hair accessories handmade at YMCA summer crafts camp

Summer and Sylvan are going to wear their roller dancing outfits for another year 
because last Halloween they scored 4 full pillowcases of premium candy 
due to efficient trick or treating on roller skates

Carlton is going to stay home and do his part to improve the health 
of neighborhood children 
by handing out individually packaged dried plums 
and cards with a link to his website  

 Tayshawnda is going as a simple Amish girl
with a bedazzled apron

Eugene plans to sit on his front porch with his attack cat, Sid
warning people to stay off his lawn

Every beautiful image found here


just call me jo said...

I've said it before--Stop using my family pics on your blog. How inconsiderate. ;o)

Connie said...

That roller skating idea is GENIUS! You could run over all those little trick or treaters that get in the way.
And I am all for that nice boy Carlton and his groovy smoothies, YUM!!!

Sue said...

Can't wait to see who shows up at MY door on All Hallows Eve.


Holly said...

I had a Glamour Shot done in the late 80's that I should send you. Love to see what you would do with that.

karen said...

I like cranky get-off-my-lawn guy.

Melynda said...

Woozier! Let the fun begin! I think the whole Amish girl thing will totally work......

Pondside said...

I don't know where you find those interesting people. I just hope they don't ever find me!

Anna M said...

FOUR pillowcases full? I bow at their superiority.

And I bow to you in order to get your cinnamon bread recipe? Or just mail me a loaf, whichever.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You're one inspired woman. LOL I started off grinning and ended up guffawing. I should hate you, really, since every time I visit your blog my mascara ends up running down my chin.

breaelle4@gmail.com said...

Seriously where dO you find these pics.

Michelle Teacress said...

I'm with Carlton. I tried a spinach smoothy a couple of weeks ago (really, I did - at the UVU women's expo) and now I'm converted (really, I'm not - ew). Break out the full sized Hershey's!