Thursday, September 9, 2010

Girls Rule, Boys Drool

Children all over America's fruited plain are back in school.  Fresh crayons are being unsharpened, new backpacks are being left on the playground, Little Debbies are being wolfed down at lunch and the nutritious peanut butter banana honey sandwich cut in the shape of a star is being tossed in the garbage.  Kids learn so fast!

In a series of searching interviews, I found out what the man/kid/woman on the street has to say about the school experience.

Leonard enjoys watching out for his little brother Bart, 
but Bart knows that Leonard is really the one who needs watching.

Allen couldn't wait for show and tell because 
no one else in kindergarten 
had a Mom with hair that
could conceal a Spiderman lunchbox

This is exactly the sort of picture you can expect 
when the photographer says 
"Saaaaaay Boogie Man that lives under your bed!"

Mom made us all get perms 
to save on blow drying time in the morning.

Sure, we look tough, but Skippy and I
still secretly wear our Winnie the Poo underwear

You may be surprised to know that Dee and I were 
both suspended for having too much school spirit.

Etta Mae and I were the only girls at Field Elementary 
that had to milk three cows before breakfast


Debi said...

For the longest time, my kids thought I made Little Debbie's at night! I let them believe it!

Sue said...

Where on earth do you find these people?!


Pondside said...

Off to google Little Debbies - the mind boggles!

Anna M said...

Oh. man.

I so sadly belong in the permed girls photo. ;(

the boogie man picture is both sad and darling at the same time. nice

karen said...

Sadly, I think I could have contributed a couple of my own school pics to this group.

Sam and Melissa said...

That cow caption is hilarious. The perm picture brought back many sore memories of how my mom have me a perm, a bristle brush, and no gel :)

CHERI said...

Lordy, I'm laughing so hard I can't stand it!!! Can you hear me??? Reminds me of some of the school pictures of various students...some were just so hilarious! Thanks for bringing a (huge) smile to my face!!!!

The Keylors said...

Okay...I am officially hee hawing!!!! You are so hilarious! I came over from Better After and have read through a ton of your posts, laughing through each one. Thank you so much for the laughs!!!!

I will definitely be following you!
(well, in the blog world...not in a stalkery kind of way). ha!

Ashley Keylor

Allyson & Jere said...

This is truly a fine bunch of pics! The creepy boys, all three sets of 2...yikes! But my fave for sure was the beehive gone haywire and her creepy jawed husband.

Love these posts.

Heidi said...

Heh, heh!! My freind Ashley sent me your way, and I'm so glad she did - you've got a way with words - SO witty, LOVE it! :) Thanks for the smiles tonight!