Monday, September 13, 2010

The Long Goodbye

 If your employer has any sensitivity and is not a communist sympathizer, you probably have the day off work in order to properly prepare for and view the kickoff show for the kickthebucket season of OPRAH.  Dear readers, as many of you may remember, me and "Her Oprahness" are like this  

Well, maybe we're not exactly like this because my hands are a lot more wrinkly and I've never had a manicure and I don't believe in flashing gang signs, but the point is we're very close.

And because you, dear reader, are also very close, I've decided to give you a little insider sneak peak into the coming kickthebucket/burndownthehouse/pulloutthestops very last season of Oprah.

Depending on your degree of dedication to view every life changing show of the very last season ever of all time while the universe weeps, you may or may not be viewing...

 Laugh Lessons With the Dalai Lama
How to Bring Down the House With Jokes That Feed the Soul

 Cooking Wild With Ted Nugent
Killin' and Grillin': Eating Our Environment



Ground Breaking Band:
Rodent Rage
Can Famous Producer and Celebrity-Maker David Foster Really Make Vermin
Into Pop Stars?

Burger King Unveiled
Oprah Asks the Hard Question:  Why Not Burger Queen?

Style With Suri Cruise
Oprah Probes Delicately To Find Out 
The Depth of Psychological Damage
Suffered by Suri Cruise
Because Of Being Forced to Wear Stylishly Coordinated Outfits
Every Day Since Birth


Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful! I love this post, for Oprah and I also have a similar relationship and I just didn't know how to put it all into words. You have done so beautifully, and I must now consider you my new "Oprah" fix!

Sue said...

Man, I can hardly wait!


PS. Seems like you and I are similarly "fond" of Oprah.

Day Dreaming And Decorating said...

I have always loved Oprah . I am sitting and watching the show right now and she is in the middle of giving away a trip to Australia

WOW what a way to say good bye

Cherie said...

I actually got to go to the Oprah Show last week. Seriously, I am not kidding. I know she has some crazy topics sometimes but she really is amazing in person. I was glad I could be in the audience for her last season!!
(I haven't blogged about it yet because I had to take a "sick" day to fly to Chicago - it was SO worth it - don't think bad of me!).

Laraine Eddington said...

Are you kidding? We are all verdigris with jealousy.

Lindy said...

FYI -- my thinking cap is ALWAYS off.
I'm your newest follower but, don't worry, there's no connection there...

Sam and Melissa said...

I think I want to gain 50 pounds just so I can set my soda cup between my cleavage, talk about awesome

Day Dreaming And Decorating said...

Thank for leaving a comment on my blog. Besides my corners did you see the mess? LOL Just tring to keep it real.

karen said...

I just want to see her show for the gifts. Although "The Nuge" is very tempting. On a side note, my husband used to art direct "Bow Hunting" magazine (if such a thing can be art directed) and the Nuge was a contributing editor. It was awesome. He's seriously nuts though.

Stephanie said...

I’m LOVING the cleavage cup holder!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Laraine,

I love your blog! You are so funny. Thank you so much for following me, it means a lot. I am very lacking in followers, but not visitors. Hmmmm....

You might want to check back on mine today, I kind of featured your blog today.

~ Kathy

Jen West said...

Hahahaha! You put it right into perspective :)

jen said...

Oh, was that THIS week? I hadn't seen any ads on TV or any in magazines or any BILLBOARDS.
Seriously, billboards?