Friday, September 3, 2010

Recipes for Disaster

 The Devious Domestic

I am getting dead tired of being the only domestic genius that has not published a cookbook that will eventually lead to regular cooking demonstrations with Ann "Spicy Curry" on the "Today" show or a guest spot on the last season of Oprah, sharing the spotlight with "Her Unhealthiness" and fitness guru Bob Greene, who has voluntarily eaten tofu every day since 4th grade (tiny shudder).


And so...

I am making plans.   BIG PLANS!!!  So far, I haven't got past the brainstorming phase, because when I start a storm in my brain it rapidly turns into a typhoon and before I know it there's a hurricane named Filbert churning up my cranium and brain juice is sloshing out my ears.

But here are the title possibilities so far:


1.  Inorganic and Unapologetic: 
     Because You Hate Bugs

2.  Kelp Kan Help: Kooking With Seaweed

3.  Love Food: 365 Days of Romantic Recipes Made With Junior Mints

 4.  Cleansing Your Colon on $5 a Week


5.  Convicts in the Kitchen: 
     Favorites From Maximum Security

6.  Sushi That Won't Go to Your Tushi


7.  Let's Eat Out:  
     Recipes Guaranteed to Fail



MT said...

Oh my word. *daugther and I laughing out loud* Do these things just come to you? Very nice. :)

Day Dreaming And Decorating said...

You are way to funny for your own goodness!!!!!

Jen West said...

My vote is for anything jurior mint-ish. YUM!

karen said...

I think the Junior MInts are do-able. But wait... MMmmmmm...Fluffy Mackerel Pudding....

Pondside said...

I vote for the convicts because besides all the girls-who-love-bad-boy fans you'll also have a captive audience.
(groan...did I really write that?)

Katie Bell said...

If you can cleanse my colon for $4.50, I'm in.

Sam and Melissa said...

IF you go for Recipes Guaranteed To Fail, you won't even have to come up with anything new, I can just pass along a few of Sam's favorites over our last couple years of marriage

CHERI said...

Girl, you are too funny! I need you to move next door so I can be the happy beneficiary of all that humor and happiness! My vote is for those Mint Patties!!!!

Mr Monkey said...

Nice post, very funny
Mr Monkey