Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nutrition Intuition

I have had no trouble getting 
my five servings a day 
 ever since I discovered 
that lovely vegetable called 


and don't forget your red vines, since 
they are basically a fruit! 


Sue said...

Kettlecorn is one of my favorite veggies, too. But I'd forgotten how heart healthy red vines are!

Thanks for the reminder...


Sam and Melissa said...

Mmmmmmm... and you forgot my other facorite beggie, corn syrup.

Amber@Timeless Treasures said...

Awesome! :o)

How did you stumble upon my blog? Thanks for the kind words, and am excited to have met a new blogger friend!

Kind Regards,

Joanne Brothwell said...

Yum. Love that kettle corn. I think it kept me alive through my teen years.

Anna M said...

Thinking about kettle corn gets me excited for the weekly summer festival/ farmers market, where I will undoubtedly get their largest bag of fresh popped kettle corn... and eat the whole bag.

Why can't I lose weight again?

BTW, my favorite source of protein is CIRCUS PEANUTS!