Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That's No Lady

I don't like to judge people.  Okay I do like to judge people but I try to keep it to myself or disguise it in a kindly form such as...

He has more hair in his nose than he does on his head...bless his heart!

Adding, "bless his/her heart" to anything tends to soften the blow of the judgmental hammer.

That said, today I would like to judge


Because somebody needs to do it.

WHEREAS: The female known as "Lady GaGa"

  • Is polluting the world's culture at a rate of 100,000 carbon tons per day
  • Has turned vulnerable girls into prepubescent tartlets
  • Initiates the gag reflex, causing wide spread bulimia
  • Is paving her own path to hell with swarovski crystals

  • She no longer be known as "Lady"  
  • She gets a real job harvesting green beans or doing laundry
  • She abide by a total media ban for the rest of her natural life.


Sue said...

:::gavel pounding:::

So ruled.


{Steve and Amanda} said...

I'm pretty sure she'd be stoned in ancient times...I don't know where she got the idea that she was a lady.

Anonymous said... don't like her?

jen said...

What is with her? Road to hell has been widened since her introduction to society.

Allyson & Jere said...

Ok, that is funny.

I thought you were gonna out her, 'cause I think she's actually a man in disguise. But, that's just me.

But i must admit, she does have some rather catchy and fun tunes. Too bad she's such a freakshow.

Sam and Melissa said...

Totally agree. She's freaky! Have you seen the picture of her wearing a big silver lobster on hear head?

incognito said...

I, personally, take offense to this post. I have been posting comments under the psuedoname, "Incognito". But after this mocking slam against me, I will reveal my identity...I am Lady Gaga. I have been a big fan of yours Larainy Days more. (Although, I will continue to browse your blog for fashion tips from the "Domestic Diva." Those red feathered gloves were the inspiration for my Blood-Lace-Head-Crown-Hat-Mask awards show getup.)

seven smiles said...

Ironically, yesterday, I overheard my eight year old daughter ask my husband if Lady Gaga was a man or a woman.

Before he could really answer, she said: "Nevermind. I know he's just a really weird man."


Laraine Eddington said...

Dear Incognito (alias Lady Ga ga),

Wow, that is definitely not the closet I thought you were going to come out of!

Anastasia said...

We say that.."bless her heart" or "bless his little pea picking soul"