Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Read Me and Write Me

Dear Reader,

I know that you have been dying to critique my writing.

Today is the day!

Hop in your little internet canoe and navigate on over to  
where you will find an excerpt of my top secret current writing project.  

Tell the truth.  I can take it.

*Love you/hate you,


*depending on your critique


Sue said...

I agreed almost entirely with her critique. The same thing she describes happened to me when I started reading...I began thinking, "Show, don't tell," but I mostly changed my mind as I went along. I think it manages to work because of your unique sense of humor, but there needs to be dialogue soon!

Speaking of the humor, as always, you are spot on. Your voice is quite delightful on this blog, and of course, it carries over into your story about Vincent. Sometimes I laughed out loud.

Good job!


Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

Thanks for linking to me. Hope you had a good Beta Club experience. :)

Matthew Rush said...

Hey Laraine, I saw your comment on my blog so I stopped by to follow yours.

I loved the excerpt of your story about Vincent!

Tara McClendon said...

Hi, I popped over from Roni's blog. I love your header, and I thought you did a good job with the submission for beta reading.

Anastasia said...

I honestly can't wait to hear more.