Friday, February 17, 2012

Shopping Sassy at SAS

There is a magical store in a homely old building on Apache Trail in Tempe, AZ.
It goes by the name of SAS which stands for sass, but is so sassy it doesn't even care about adding a double "s".  It is full of wonders.

Millions of yards of lace, trim, elastic, sequins and feathery strips

Buckets of beads and buttons that look like cavemen, poisonous frogs, musical notes and Sponge Bob.

and wings
and flowery things
and sequins and chains to spice up your boring old underwear.  Don't even think of shopping there unless you are willing to create something fabulous for pennies on the dollar.

This is what my Mom created for me.


Sue said...


My goodness, your mom did a lovely job with those frou-frou odds and ends


PS. I am clearly not crafty enough to shop there.

Anna M said...

I love SAS!

And with a waist like yours, anything would look that fantastic.


Melynda said...

What a great store, and what wonderful memories start there! You look lovely in your wedding dress, simply lovely!

just call me jo said...

And what made you think of all that loveliness today, specifically?

Karli said...

Love SAS! We (my mom and I) took Troy and Tressie there once, and we played hide&seek the whole time while my mom looked for things. With all those buckets and tunnels and rolls of faux fur, there are endless hiding places. Unfortunately, I am no longer 5 years old and had to be the responsible big sister.

Cherie said...

I would be in heaven in that store!!
However, I am not as talented as your mother who made you an incredible dress - You look so beautiful!

karen said...

I love how your cute mom fits right under your chin! That's truly a wondrous store. So sad that I don't live there.

Pondside said...

Your mum made that gown??? Wow!
You look absolutely beautiful in your wedding dress!

Holly said...

I need butterfly wings. I never knew what I was missing in my life until I saw that box of wings. Now I fear I can't live without them. You don't think it would be too much do you? You know how I hate to call attention to myself.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You're mom is amazing. What a beautiful gown! I have a sewing machine and I did curtains for my dining room and living room that are okay (basically, they don't suck...not too complimentary, eh?). I envy anyone who can create something beautiful with a sewing machine.

(There's an award waiting for you at my blog. :) )

Pearl said...

I grew up going to these kinds of places, my mother being a talented seamstress as well.

Is there anything as intoxicating as a building full of things that make other things?! Libraries, maybe... Hmmm. Now I want to make something!!


Dixie Mom said...

Wow. Impressive!

Tammy said...

Just like a candy store, but less fattening! You captured it perfectly, both in words and photographs. What a beautiful bride!

Sam and Melissa said...

Phew, good thing you can't see the green sequin bra under your white dress :)

Melissa said...

I need the address to that store for the next time we come