Friday, February 3, 2012

A Whale of an Interview

Once again Larainy has used her considerable wiles to score an exclusive interview with the stars of the blockbuster new movie

As far as I know, I am the only blogger that has been able to interview the biggest stars of the movie, namely these guys
Although called "Fred", "Wilma" and "Bam Bam" in the script, the real names of these larger than life aquatic thespians are Yutu, Kirima and Todd.

Larainy:  Yutu, let's start with you.  How did you get involved in this project?

Yutu:  Actually, that's a funny story.  I was hanging out in Malibu where I like to spend a couple weeks in each summer. I caught the eye of a casting director when I surfaced doing a particularly spectacular move I call the three-quarter side whammy splash.  He signed me on the spot.

Larainy:  How about you, Kirima?

Kirima:  Have to give a shout out to my agent, Herschel Levine.  He has been getting me great whale roles for nearly 13 years.  Love ya man!

Todd:  I was spotted doing my regular show at Sea World, San Diego.

Larainy:  I didn't know there were any gray whales at Sea World.

Todd:  (laughs) Well, the secret had to get out sometime...I'm not actually a whale, I'm a dolphin.

Larainy:  You're kidding.

Todd:  Nope.  They have a gal doing makeup that is absolutely incredible.   4 hours in a hammock and lots of foam rubber changed me every day from a puny dolphin to the gray whale you see on the screen.

Larainy:  Wow, you had me at your first splash.  I had no idea.

Todd:  Yeah, the advances in marine makeup have really opened up a lot more roles for me.  I'm reading for the part of a giant squid in a remake of 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Larainy:  How authentic is the story of "Big Miracle"?  Did they get it right?

Yutu:  It's the usual Hollywood crap, pardon my French.  The three gray whales they spent so much time rescuing were actually cousins of mine and they were completely ticked off by the whole ordeal.

Laraine: They didn't want to be rescued?

Yutu:  Listen, those guys have more connections underwater than you can shake a piece of driftwood at.  They had a hundred ways to get out of that jam, but after the cameras showed up they felt like they had to go along.

Kirima:  Yeah, the whales up there have some kind of chamber of commerce deal they've signed with the locals and they would have been in some serious doo doo if they hadn't acted all helpless.  Did you know that whole scam brought in 1.6 million bucks to the local economy?  It was like winning the Inuit lottery.

Larainy:  Todd, I understand this is you in the shot with Drew Barrymore.  What was it like working with her?

Todd:  Look, I don't like to burn bridges, but that woman is horrible.  She shows up late, she can't act, and she can't say a line without showering you with spit.  During this scene  my nose was literally dripping with her saliva.  It is not a good memory.

Larainy:  Well thanks guys, I understand you're all in a development deal with Jim Carey for a comedy version of "Moby Dick".  Good luck with that.

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Pondside said...

There was a lot of excitement in our resident Orca pods up here last summer when word was out that casting people were out on the water. It all came to nothing because of the exchange rate with the US$. The Orcas were pretty upset, as they see themselves as dual citizens, what with all their backing and forthing along the west coast - they thought that there should be some exemption made for them. I heard that they went with some Minky whales from the east coast.

Dixie Mom said...

You should work for TMZ.

just call me jo said...

The things that run through your mind...amazing! How did you get those three together for the interview? Especially in Arizona...wizardry! I never want to see Jim Carey in a comedy version of "Moby Dick." And Drew does have a speech impediment! Oh, yes she does...

Anna M said...

Herschel the whale agent! HA!

Oh, Laraine. You are my favorite.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You crack me up every time. Please don't ever spoil your track record. LOL

Holly said...

Todd? Really?

Sue said...

You are the funniest blogger I know. Bar none.


Nick said...

I suspect this is a fish (mammal!) tale

RoeH said...

I'm just going to start stalking you with more gusto than I've been doing. These three had to have been hard to catch in one place. And you know....cold. What bait did you use?

Emily Widdison said...

Well, after that, I can't wait to see the show!!:)