Monday, February 6, 2012

Sinewy Siren

I reminded my daughter that Madonna and I are the same age while we watched her slow but supple gyrations at Super Bowl halftime.

Corinn was horrified.  "Mom!  I better never see you dancing like that."

"What are you talking about.  Watch this, I can..."  This is the point where my daughter ran away screaming and locked herself in her bedroom.

Madonna did choose some wardrobe elements that I quite admired.

  • Fabulous thigh-high support boots that minimize jiggle.
  •  Upper arm constrictors to contain those pesky "bingo wings"  
  • Striking gold helmet that fashionably disguises blue tooth receiver for convenient hands free cell phone use while driving

 Madonna also wisely chose to hang out with these lads 
who made her look intelligent by contrast

And wearing Cee Lo Green as an accessory 
made her look at least 20 lbs. lighter

But my proudest moment was when she took a little tumble off the bleachers 
in solidarity with her fellow AARP members.  
She took two Advil,  popped right back up 
and went on with the show.  

The sinewy siren is old enough to be Eli Manning's mother, but I bet he's glad she isn't.

photos found here


Sue said...

I kept wondering how much that thing on her head must have weighed.

Wish I looked half as good (or worked out 1/100th as much).


Dixie Mom said...

I kept thinking that it's so unfair that I work out and can't have her body. But then I don't have the chef or the drugs so I'm never gonna get there.
I thought she did well but I thought her movements were awkward. Like her boots were too high...

just call me jo said...

Now I understand--those were support boots. I was wondering. Though my jiggle would have hung over the top. Rick and I argued over her age. I didn't think she was THAT old. (I am 10 years older almost to the day, I found out by looking up Madonna b-day.) OK. You young'ns do good. I think you should dance for us next get together.

Connie said...

You nailed it! I thought she moved quite slow, perhaps she forgot to take her Geritol before the performance. My 8 year old grandson asked "who is that" when she started her performance. He wasn't impressed and neither was I.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

I enjoyed the show, but I thought the same thing you did ... dang, that chick is as old as I am!

Actually, watching LMAFO singing the Party Rock Anthem with Madonna was my favorite part, lol.

Besides the World Peace at the end.

Holly said...

Wow, was the SuperBowl last night? Somehow I missed it. Let me know when you want to get together to work on a routine for Jo.

Marti said...

The hubby and I were watching the show, and he admired the obvious while I was in awe that her knees still had that much spring in them.

Pondside said...

I've incorporated some of the more energetic moves in my Jazzercize routine.

Ann in the UP said...

Let's hear it for the Shameless Goddess of Self-Promotion. She lost me during the chanting of Madonna-Madonna. Gag.

RoeH said...

Support Boots? You all don't have them yet? They're the greatest! They go with my support nylons, support underwear, support boobs....and even my support pajama jeans. I'm wearing it all to our next luncheon!

Cherie said...

I know she is in shape but does she ever get to eat sugar?
This, my friend, is where we can feel sorry for her - Hee hee

karen said...

I actually thought she did an awesome job. But I have to admit, when she bobbled the step on the bleachers I was afraid she was going to fall. That would have been bad, but I guess I was happy that even Madonna can bobble.

MTeacress said...

I admire that she is so fit at that age, but I can honestly say that I do not want to be that fit when I reach that age.