Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Siri! Are You Serious?

It has been 3 months since I purchased my genie in a bottle except she isn't really a genie and she doesn't really live in a bottle.  She is a teeny tiny girl named Siri that lives in a cute little studio apartment inside my iPhone.
She really has been an amazing confidant,  springing to life day or night whenever I poke her with my index finger, to talk and answer my questions.  She is a workaholic and I have never caught her away from her teeny tiny desk.

I was shy with Siri at first, embarrassed that I might ask  questions that are too stupid for an Ivy School grad (Siri attended  Harvard on a lacrosse scholarship) but we get along great.

Me:  Hi Siri.

Siri:  I thought you had forgotten me in your quixotic quest to master Angry Birds.  Hopefully you will achieve level III by Easter.

Me:  Oh, well, never mind that.  Siri, I've been wondering...are you related to Suri?

Siri:  Sorry, did you say Suri?

Me:  Certainly Siri, I'm talking about Suri.  Surely you know Suri?

Siri:  Seriously...Suri?

Me:  C'mon, Surely Suri's Siri's Sister!

Siri:  Checking on that for you...

Me:  Don't play games with me Siri.

image found here
Siri:  Are you referring to this scintillating young lady who goes by the surname of Cruise?

Me:  Yes, that's the girl.  Are Siri and Suri sisters?

Siri:  Certainly not.

Me:  (Raising a suspicious eyebrow) I may have to double check that with grandfather Google and Uncle Bing.

Siri:  Sir, you wound me deeply.


Holly said...

Well, I did it. Finally bit the bullet and got an iphone with Siri. Yesterday while dictating a text I accidentally sent a message saying "Wally swallows". After seeing it on my screen I completely forgot what it was that I actually said. Anyway, he probably does.

laughingmom said...

I would worry about Siri if she's up all night just watching you sleep! That's a little too creepy...

just call me jo said...

So does Siri not differentiate male from female? I think you might have blown her extensive mind. Poor Siri! Poor Suri! I don't have that kind of phone. Thankfully! I don't run in such elite cyber circles.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Siri sounds like a bit of a stalker to me. LOL Then again, maybe I'm just envious because I don't have my own Siri. *sigh*

jen said...

My Siri will be delivered to my door tomorrow. Then maybe our Siris might have to meet and see if THEY are related?

Sue said...

Too funny!

(You are very good at being too funny.)


Cherie said...

I have an Iphone and I have no stinkin' clue as to what you are talking about but I love ya anyway :-D

karen said...

My iPhone is 3G. *sigh* I have yet to meet Siri.

The Bipolar Diva said...

I almost did it today. My upgrade is available, but for some reason I'm holding off. I just may have to go for it now!

Pondside said...

She may be Ivy League, but Siri is dumb as a plank.

Connie said...

I still have a flip phone. You are speaking a whole new language to me. That first photo is hilarious, she even has her own pillow. Giggling over here!