Thursday, December 30, 2010

Multiple choice

 Go ahead, try to guess what's new with Larainy.

a.  She received a Porsche for Christmas

                                                                                                                                  image found here

b.  She received a pastel multipack of new underwear for Christmas

c.  She is wearing a black eye patch in honor of Rooster Cogburn after swooning over "True Grit"

                                       image found here

d. She has been wearing her Christmas moccasins 24 hours a day since the moment she tore open the package with her nimble greedy  fingers.

e.  She is sporting a new blog header designed by the talented Mr. Jim Hamilton of Hamilton Arts  

Dear reader, have you given up already?  

In order to preserve the air of mystery that swirls about Larainy, veiling her in a protective mist of intrigue and sauciness...let's just say that only one of the above is completely out of the realm of possibility because Larainy doesn't like to drive a stick shift.

Thanks Jim, you're the best!



Cindy said...

Lovin the new blog header!! Once again, you made me smile. Have a great day!

Cherie said...

I liked True Grit tooo!! (wink wink)

The new header is GREAT!

Hoosier at Heart said...

Lovin the new header! So, how do the underwear fit?

Sue said...

Nice work on the header!


Nicole MacDonald said...

Beautiful header there! And a multi-pack of knickers, aahh such an original concept ;p

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Pondside said...

Nice header, nice moccasins - and I wouldn't have accepted a Porsche either.

Melynda said...

Read this at work the other day, and I knew right away it was not the pastel undies, because for one thing you are anything but pastel! You are bold, a good belly laugh, so it had to be the header. A nice one also, but you know that whole nuisance with a stick shift, really they are easy, next time take the Porsche too!

Sarah said...

I'm jealous of your moccasins. There I said it. Mine are trashed. Maybe I'll accidentally leave them at the hospital when I evict this baby. Is that wrong? HOW wrong?

karen said...

Like the new design! I like your mocs too - soooo comfy aren't they? I hear True Grit was amazing - I'll have to see it. But really - you're wrong about the Porsche. Never was there a car built that would make driving a stick shift more fun.

Jessie McCandless said...

Sounds like a great Christmas to me, even without the Porsche! LOL

(I loved True Grit, too, except what was with them killing all the horses?!)