Friday, January 14, 2011

Holla Fer Possums


when I think about sunsets
or the silky soft fur
of the gentle kitten
purring in my lap...

Yikes!  I just realized Larainy has recently been taken over by some sort of sentimental version of myself.  I never knew that my chirpy alter ego might find her way out of the locked mildewy closet in the basement and start polluting my blog with cheerful posts. Thank goodness I woke up in time to take care of "little miss sunshine".  I'm feeling like my usual Larainy self now, thank you very much.

Which brings us to this

(Reuters Life!) BERLIN  – She's middle-aged, gray-haired and stays up all night. Still, Heidi the cross-eyed opossum is Germany's biggest media sensation. The 2-1/2-year-old opossum has a growing Facebook following pushing 80,000 fans, sparked a popular song on YouTube and will soon star as a plush toy.

Germany has been bragging so incessantly about the worldwide celebrity of their cross-eyed rodent that
in the interest of national pride, countries all over the globe have been scrambling to introduce their own animal sensations.

Mexico quickly responded with "Manuel the Mariachi Meerkat".   An official government source in Mexico City is quoted as saying "Our guy plays everything from flamenco to hip hop. That no talent German possum can only hang by her tail."

Bertrand Garnier, France's Commissioner of Fine Arts  quickly commissioned the famed design house "Chanel" to whip out some designer duds and figured no one would notice that their animal is a common house cat.

The North Koreans fought back with a pole-vaulting birdie and said in an official press release 
"우리의 새에는 여기에게서 거기 얻기의 이상의 1가지의 방법이 있다."   (Our birds have more than one way of getting from here to there.)

Under pressure, the Swiss Office of Culture and Tourism was forced to bring forward "Hans - the Yodeling Squirrel" even though he has not yet been weaned.

 Canada enlisted Tim and Timothy,  penguins trained at Sea World San Diego
and Pete, an aging polar bear with low thyroid.

 Darfur has wisely played the sympathy card with a pleading monkey that holds a placard reminding us of the need for international aid to the starving region.

The United States remains behind the rest of the world with no cute and furry contender due to a deadlock in the "House Ways and Animal Mascot Committee" in the House of Representatives.

animal pictures found here


just call me jo said...

I love the cross-eyed opossum. Animals are definitely delightful. I need to go give Lola a bath because she smells funky.

Emily Nicoll said...

This might be the funniest thing I have ever read! My favorite is the penguin about wake up the low thyroid plar bear :) Oh man

Sue said...


Thanks heavens you have saved us from that saccharine turn your blog was taking...

All is right with the world.


SherilinR said...

i love that tiny little yawning thing. looks like my baby rabbit when she was young.

karen said...

These days the US could claim the Mariachi Meerkat too... just sayin'.

Pondside said...

Trust the French to outdo everyone in the chic chat department.

Connie said...